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Alex Chilton missing UPDATE

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  • Alex Chilton missing UPDATE

    Alex Chilton Missing

    Family and friends of musician Alex Chilton (lead singer for 1970s powerpop band Big Star and 1960s rock group the Box Tops) have not been able to locate him since late Monday when he was last heard from alive at his house in New
    Orleans after the initial storm before the phones in the area went down. His sister in Memphis and friends are very worried because people are now dying in New Orleans from exposure and he has still not been able to get to a place to
    contact his family and friends. It is believed he may possibly be waiting to be evacuated in the French Quarter, which was within walking distance of his home. Please contact [email protected] with any information about his condition.
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    This news may kill fountain...


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      Should we e-mail that address and tell them he wanted a ticket for an airplane because he didn't have time to take a fast train?
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        I saw him at Mississippi Nights in about nineteen eighty something. Back when I was a real St Louisan.
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          Cerebreal rape and pillage
          In a village of his choice
          Invisible man sings with
          An invisible voice

          And children by the millions
          Scream for Alex Chilton
          When he comes round, they say
          "I'm in love, what's that song?
          I'm in love with that song"

          I never travel far
          Without a little Big Star
          His mind is not for rent, to any god or government.
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            I was thinking about that last night after reading aboot Fats Domino. I had forgoten that Alex Chilton lived down there. Hopefully he is allright.


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              LX Chilton made contact with his family late last night. No details, or even news about whether he's in NO still or an evacuee, but he's alive and safe.
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