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    ....first off, yes I know it has been referred to in the 85-page thread. For those not wanting to dig through that:

    Basically, these guys are holed up on the 15th floor of a high-rise. They're security/computer guys, keeping a network up. They're former military, and have 20 days of generator power.

    Fascinating, fascinating reading.
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    thanks, ive been looking for something like this.
    You're being fucking dramatic. You own a TV and an air mattress. That's not exactly what I'd call "a lot to lose."


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      Dear God...
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        With all the politicizing of Katrina and the aftermath, I think the guy running this blog put it best:

        Let me address the political situation for a moment. I noticed that the responses I've been getting on the blog and the stuff I've been reading in the mainstream media has become very politicized. I'm not going to get into politics here -- I'm just going to do my work and then report what I see and hear throughout the day. If you guys want to play Democrat vs Republican vs Independent, go right ahead, but I'm really weary of the permanent election season this country's turned into. Honestly, these are politicians you guys are getting so excited about. Politicians. As far as I'm concerned, I don't trust people who want to tell other people how to spend their money and what they can read or see on television and what they can do in the privacy of their own homes. There's no way I'm going to feel comfortable supporting someone who thinks he knows what's best for the rest of "society" and is willing to use force and the threat of force to make others fall into line.

        So yeah, I'm not going to support or condemn anyone specific for what's going on here.

        And another thing to think about when we start pointing fingers is this. The government is never equipped to handle a crisis like this. There's too much bureaucracy -- initiative-stifling bureaucracy which prevents swift, effective action. I would like to hear from government employees on this. The nature of that bureaucracy is such that you have very specific guidelines to follow for even the most minute tasks. You need approval for just about everything, and the person you need approval from usually needs approval to give you the approval.

        It's not as easy as say rounding up 4 of your co-workers and saying, "We've got someone at such and such an address, let's go grab her and get her out of there." Now add a destroyed or disabled command and control center to that bureaucracy and you've got a total and complete mess.

        You (as a civilian) don't need "Approved" stamped on 3 different forms before you can run into your neighbor's house and pull them out. I hope this makes sense.

        Anyway, I'm sure there's been human error in this catastrophe. How could there not be? But what I'm saying is that I've come to expect poor decision making and a total lack of initiative from government. They can't even balance a budget, at the federal, state, or local levels. I could balance my checkbook and spend within my means when I was a teenager. But I'm not gonna point fingers and get into the blame game. If you want me to blame something besides the storm herself, I blame the nature of government in the first place. It's too big, it's too slow, it's too inefficient, it's too bloated, and it's too intiative-stifling to be effective in normal circumstances, much less in a disaster. It's a systemic issue, more than an issue of individual people in government.

        Ok, that being said, I see more civilians on the street now -- although many of them appear to be journalist types.
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          Originally posted by triggercut1@Sep 2 2005, 09:52 AM
          ....first off, yes I know it has been referred to in the 85-page thread.  For those not wanting to dig through that:

          Basically, these guys are holed up on the 15th floor of a high-rise.  They're security/computer guys, keeping a network up.  They're former military, and have 20 days of generator power. 

          Fascinating, fascinating reading.
          The time of this blog being a lone voice from the wilderness is winding down, but it's been a fascinating read.
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            Last Night
            Sometime around midnight, a squad of 82nd Airborne guys accompanied by a US Marshall busted into our Data Center with their M4-A1s to investigate the lights and movement. Personally, I know they were just bored -- there's no way they honestly thought there was some kind of threat up here just yards away from several huge military and police presences. Anyway, they came up and demanded to account for us all. That means they told Donny, who was still up, to come wake up Crys and me in the side closet room type area where we sleep. I could hear Donny telling them that I was exSpecial Forces as he came to get me. He stuck his head in and explained the situation while I made Crys get up and get dressed. We came out and I gave the Marshall a sheepish look which said was this really enough fun for to relieve your boredom? He kind of knew they shouldn't be up here -- I think it was Crystal's being here which really made him snap out of it. He began apologizing and I could tell the yound soldiers with him were really shy about having seen Crystal come out too.

            But I didn't let them all off that easily. "Hey, I understand. I know you guys are just doing your job." He kept apologizing. Then I put them to work. "So wait, how did you get up here anyway? We locked this building down....

            The Marshall claimed that one of the emergency exits -- the one on the Lafayette Square side had been open. I knew this was bullshit. For one thing, Sig and I tied down and concealed that door. It would have taken a group of guys to open it. For another Lafayette Square is to the south of our building. The only lights visisble are from Poydras to the north. Am I to believe that they bypassed the obvious entrances (also locked down) to look for one they didn't even know existed and it just happened to be open?

            No, they searched for a way in, and by the time they got around back and found the emergency exit, they were ready to break in, so they did.

            "Wait, we secured that exit. That means that this building might have other people in it," I told them.

            They all knew what was coming next. If it was their job to check on lights and movement to look for people who didn't belong there....

            I asked them to sweep the building for us.

            And they did. All 27 floors of it with no elevators.

            If you want to play soldier with me, I will make you play it a lot longer than you had in mind.

            Crystal and I went back to bed secure in the knowledge that a US Marshall and a squad from the 82nd Airborne cleared 27 floors and the roof of our temporary residence. And then they secured the door they must have spent 45 minutes breaking into.

            Most restful sleep I've had all week.

            Good morning, world.
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              It's amazing that this guy was able to have diesel delivered to his building just a day or two after the storm. A truckload of it. It came so fast he wasn't ready for it.
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                Originally posted by mw.2@Sep 8 2005, 07:12 AM
                It's amazing that this guy was able to have diesel delivered to his building just a day or two after the storm. A truckload of it. It came so fast he wasn't ready for it.
                He must be white (B)


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                  Some good new stuff.
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                    Originally posted by chazzz+Sep 8 2005, 09:48 AM-->
                    QUOTE(chazzz @ Sep 8 2005, 09:48 AM)