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  • LOL Ray King....

    So, here I am at work enjoying a little down time playing MVP Baseball 2005 on my PSP. Games going pretty good, solo shot by Walker and an RBI double by Grudzielanek and I'm winning in the 8th inning 2-1 over Josh Beckett and the Marlins. Mulder so far had pitched a very effective game over 7 2/3 but he was tiring, his stamina was about 50% and the green zone very small. I had Tavarez and King warming up with Luis Castillo up with 2 on so I make the change and decide to keep the lefthander in there since its Castillo's weak side. I bring Ray King in. Keep in mind this game was made with last years stats in mind, so I have confidence that if I make a good pitch with him that I'm out of the inning. I choose a blue zone area with Castillo, low and inside. I hold the button till it gets in the red zone, and release in the green zone. Excuted to near perfection on my part.

    3 run home run Luis Castillo. 4-2 Marlins lead.

    I turn the game off in disgust. :angry:

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    its your fault for putting him in there
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