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Potential way for the lounge to help some Katrina

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  • Potential way for the lounge to help some Katrina

    SLU will be taking in students from the NO area...we don't know how many or for what duration that they'll stay, but we'll be taking some least for the fall semester in the case of undergrads, and for the the whole year in the case of 3rd year law students.....

    staff members, alumni, other students are starting to offer their extra rooms and such for refugees, and I'm putting my place up to hopefully house a 3L student from Tulane....

    I don't know who or when or how, quite yet, I'm guessing my boarder would be a male in his mid to late twenties, but it could certainly be a woman too.

    I have a futon, but if and when this goes down, i'd like to make this person as comfortable as possible...if you guys think about it, and have an extra alarm clock, radio, TV stand, an old bookcase....or if you know of a place that needs part time help who would take on a student or would like to donate cash, i'll post details when i know more...I don't know what those schools did to evacuate people, but I'd imagine that this person might have left a lot of stuff in their dorm or off campus apartment, and will need everything from cash for books to tennis shoes...i don't know....

    just throwing this out...i'll post more when i know more.
    Are you on the list?