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BBC to offer tv shows online

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  • BBC to offer tv shows online

    BBC to let viewers download TV shows online
    Programs would be available up to a week after they aired
    The Associated Press
    Updated: 8:59 p.m. ET Aug. 31, 2005

    LONDON - The British Broadcasting Corp. is planning to let Web users download its television and radio programs up to a week after they have aired.

    BBC Director General Mark Thompson said he hoped the "MyBBCPlayer" service could be active by 2006.

    Complete details weren't released, and Thompson did not say whether the BBC would charge users a fee for the downloads or how it would prevent piracy and circulation beyond the week.

    The plan is part of the BBC's efforts to move beyond traditional forms of media.

    "I accept the premise that if the BBC remains nothing more than a traditional TV and radio broadcaster then we probably won't deserve or get license-fee funding beyond 2016," Thompson said at Edinburgh International Television Festival. "That is very definitely not our plan."
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    That is excellent. I wonder if that means one can stream Rome?
    Time for change


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      is it stream or dl? sounds like you get the show. that would rock!

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