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Scott Wetzel gets new deal

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  • Scott Wetzel gets new deal

    From his group email notification list:

    > From: Scott Wetzel
    > Subject: Wetzel's new show +
    > Date: Wednesday, August 31, 2005 5:04 PM

    Hi folks,

    It has taken some time, but I finally came to terms on a new deal at
    Sporting News Radio.

    Starting Monday September 5th I will be hosting the Monday thru Friday
    morning show from 6-9am EST.

    Weekend overnight host Matt Spiegel will join me on "The Opposites."

    I hope your affiliate picks up the show. If not, you must write your local
    Program Director. He decides if the show is aired. If you don’t know who
    that is, email your station and I will get you the info.

    Also, I have started a website:

    You can get all of my college football & NFL picks, trends, stats and tidbits.

    I will be hosting this weekend’s shows one last time.

    Thanks and I hope to talk to you on the radio!

    Scott Wetzel

    Sporting News Radio

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    I'm an incendiary pretender.

    And I believe 40% of what I say.

    And my voice kills most small mammals.

    --Scott Wetzel