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  • Mizzou Crime Spree

    Mizzou Students Told To Lock Doors After Crimes, Including Sexual Assault Report

    By Sharon Stevens
    Education Reporter

    KSDK-An unusually high number of crimes inside several college residence halls are causing concern at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

    The crimes include deviate sexual assault. The school year is just getting underway but already at least eight crimes have been reported.

    All of them involved one or more males entering unlocked dorm rooms.

    Across campus, students told me they were shocked to hear about the crimes that had occurred in such a short period of time, inside the residence halls.

    The crimes occurred at several dorms; authorities aren't sure if the same people are responsible for each incident.

    At Gillette Hall, one girl was sexually assaulted.
    Purses and other items were taken from unlocked rooms at Graham Hall and other dorms, including Mark Twain and Discovery.

    At one dorm, two men burst into two unlocked restrooms where two females were taking showers. They ran after the women confronted them.

    All of the residence halls involved are co-ed.

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    What hasn't happened?

    Football & basketball teams haven't had simultaneous conference championships(?), and probably never will.


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      I saw that on the news tonight. My first thoughts were
      what is going on over there. :(

      It's sad. I mean it's really sad. The institution is falling