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  • LSU Football Game Cancelled

    LSU game canceled
    Tuesday, 6:50 p.m.

    By William Kalec

    BATON ROUGE - Because of the continuing effects of Hurricane Katrina and need for LSU campus resources in the relief effort, the Tigers’ Sept. 3 home football opener against North Texas has been postponed, school officials announced Tuesday.

    “I don’t have any doubt, whatsoever, that all Louisiana (residents) who are looking at the front pages of the papers and are looking at what’s been broadcast on TV recognize that this is of epic proportions in terms of the tragedy,” LSU chancellor Sean O’Keefe said. “So, as a consequence, (fans) are going to be extremely understandable.

    “We’re a part of this community - and we recognize it first and foremost - and we worry about each other.”

    Police barricaded parts of North Stadium Drive - the road that runs between Tiger Stadium and the Pete Maravich Assembly Center - to clear a path for medical vehicles and supply trucks.

    The Carl Maddox Fieldhouse is currently being used as a Special Needs Shelter while the adjacent PMAC has been designated as a triage unit for medical emergencies. Also, orange cones lined in the shaped of “X” on the infield of the Bernie Moore Track Stadium served as a landing area for helicopters.

    Originally, O’Keefe intended to play the game as scheduled, and for it to be a source of civic pride, but reconsidered because the logistical complexities of hosting games in Tiger Stadium could create traffic problems for medical vehicles and takeaway resources better used in the relief effort.

    LSU and North Texas will determine the rescheduled date, which might require some creative maneuvering since the two schools do not share a common bye week. An announcement is expected by Thursday.

    “The football team feels just like you do, just like we all do,” athletic director Skip Bertman said. “They want to help. And hopefully, against Arizona State (on Sept. 10), that will be a time - after some recovery and some mourning - when the athletics can once again act as a bonding agent to get everybody back together on a positive note.”

    Damage around campus was minimal, including to the partially constructed West Upper Deck of Tiger Stadium. The hurricane should not alter the athletic department’s plan for all seats to be habitable by Sept. 24 when Tennessee comes to town.

    Les Miles canceled practice for the second straight day, though players took part in a light run. He plans to return to schedule with a shells workout on Wednesday. Since classes are delayed until next Tuesday, team members will participate in volunteer and good-will ventures to aid in the relief. Miles estimated six to 12 players have family members or friends who evacuated staying at their Baton Rouge residences.

    “We’re going to precede to prepare a good football team,” Miles said. “When we step inside the lines we’re going to put some of those issues on the back-burner and pursue excellence. But that’s only a short amount of time within the lines, because they are going to be rightfully preoccupied with being a part of a state, trying to support in whatever small way they can in an effort where people have lost a lot.

    “A football game does not rank in the scale (of importance) of what this state has experienced,” Miles said, later. “Certainly, there will come a time when the ability to turn to play, to smile, to enjoy an evening, will be awful important.”

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    Next game to be cancelled: the game tallahassee blues fan was alluding to which would kick peeps out of their hotel rooms....

    "Can't buy what I want because it's free...
    Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
    -- Pearl Jam, from the single Corduroy