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    Reuters cameraman still detained after Iraq shooting

    Tue Aug 30, 2:17 PM ET

    BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A Reuters cameraman remained in U.S. military custody in Baghdad on Tuesday, two days after surviving an incident in which his soundman was shot dead, apparently by U.S. troops.

    U.S. officers said they were continuing to question Haider Kadhem, 24, about "inconsistencies" in his statements after he was taken from the car in which soundman Waleed Khaled was killed by multiple shots while on a news assignment.

    Iraqi police said U.S. troops fired on the Reuters team, both Iraqis.

    Reuters has demanded the immediate release of the cameraman, who arrived in Baghdad from his home in the southern city of Samawa only last week. The international news agency has said it sees no reason to detain a victim and witness in the shooting.

    Kadhem was treated for minor wounds from flying fragments, a U.S. military spokesman said.

    He added that a U.S. investigation into the circumstances of the killing was continuing.

    Security experts who examined the scene said all the shots appeared to have been fired from the same spot, corresponding to the roof of a building overlooking the highway bridge where the car was hit.

    Kadhem told colleagues who spoke to him briefly after the shooting that he saw a U.S. soldier on that rooftop.

    Two Reuters cameramen have been killed by U.S. troops in
    Iraq since the American invasion in 2003. A third was shot dead by a sniper in Ramadi last November in circumstances for which Reuters is still seeking an explanation from U.S. forces.

    Reuters' cameraman in the city of Ramadi, Ali al-Mashhadani, was arrested by U.S. forces three weeks ago and is being held without charge in
    Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad.

    Military officials have allowed no access to the journalist and have refused to say what he is accused of.

    A U.S. military spokesman said a judicial hearing into his case "probably" took place on Monday at a secret location in Baghdad. No access was available for an attorney or any other interested party and it was not yet clear what the outcome was.

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    I have a friend who wants to go over to Iraq to support the news crews for Fox. I think he's insane.


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      Originally posted by ksbluesfan@Aug 30 2005, 03:38 PM
      I have a friend who wants to go over to Iraq to support the news crews for Fox. I think he's insane.
      US soldiers would never shoot a Fox camera man .