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Tiny Crawford Braces for Dueling Protests

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  • Tiny Crawford Braces for Dueling Protests

    Tiny Crawford Braces for Dueling Protests

    By ANGELA K. BROWN, Associated Press Writer 1 hour, 57 minutes ago

    CRAWFORD, Texas - This one-stoplight town of 700 residents near
    President Bush's ranch braced for thousands of visitors Saturday, most in a cross-country caravan for a pro-Bush rally and others to support Cindy Sheehan's anti-war demonstration.

    More than 3,000 people were expected at the school football stadium for a pro-Bush rally, the culmination of the "You don't speak for me, Cindy!" tour that started last week in California.

    It would be the largest counter protest since Sheehan started camping out off the road leading to Bush's ranch Aug. 6, soon after his Texas vacation began. She vowed to remain unless he talked to her about the war with
    Iraq that claimed the life of her son Casey and more than 1,870 other U.S. soldiers.

    The pro-Bush caravan was coordinated by Move America Forward, a group led by former Republican California Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian and Sal Russo, the strategist who in 2003 launched one of the two simultaneous efforts to recall California's then-governor, Democrat
    Gray Davis.

    Meanwhile, hundreds were expected at Sheehan's camp for a somber Saturday ceremony honoring soldiers serving in Iraq. The protest, which has swelled from dozens on weekdays to about 1,000 the past two weekends, will end Wednesday.

    Sheehan, of Vacaville, Calif., said that after the protest ends, some of the group will spread its message on a tour, with the first stop probably in the southeast Texas district of House Majority Leader
    Tom DeLay, a Republican.

    Bush has said he appreciates Sheehan's right to protest and understands her anguish but will not change his schedule to meet with her. His vacation is to end Sept. 2.

    Sheehan and other grieving families met with Bush about two months after her son died last year, before she became a vocal opponent of the war.

    Crawford has not seen this big a crowd since the scathing documentary "Fahrenheit 9/11" was shown last summer on a screen at the football field, drawing about 3,000 people. The screening was organized by the Crawford Peace House, which also is helping Sheehan. Earlier that night, more than 300 Bush supporters held a rally to counter the showing of the film.

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    Must have posted this just IN case the article added to the current Sheehan thread wasn't clear enough eh?

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      no shit, seems dalode has hit the nail on the head.
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        RIP Chris Jones 1971-2009
        You'll never be forgotten.