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Liverpool Wins The Super Cup

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  • Liverpool Wins The Super Cup

    Cisse came on in the 80th minute with Reds down 1-nil and tied it at the 82nd.

    The ball came off Luis Garcia's chest, perfectly placed, from a clearing punt from their Goalie. The ball ran beautifully to the Frenchman and then, in a Maradona-moment, he took it just inside the penalty area off his left hand ( EVERYONE has agreed) and it dropped onto his foot and then into the goal.

    OVERTIME: Cisse again (he's under a lot of stress with the onset of Michael Owen coming back to Liverpool or alternatively to Newcastle as a dire alternative by Wednesday)

    Cisse at 12:45 in the first half of overtime finishes yet again. 2-1 Reds.

    Second 15 minutes of overtime: in the 19th minute, overall, Cisse drops a deadly cross to Garcia (returning the compliment) who walks it in making it 3-1.

    A laconic first half by the European Champions vs CSK but they're singing You'll Never Walk Alone again tonight.

    Really special. More silverware for Merseyside.

    p.s. (an edit) no Gerrard tonight. He's hurt and out for a few games.

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    They can't lose a big game, can they? Like the GD Patriots.


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      Originally posted by backstop@Aug 26 2005, 04:00 PM
      They can't lose a big game, can they? Like the GD Patriots.
      Backstop? With 10 minutes left it was as boring as boring gets. They just weren't 'into' it. You're quite right though, they have an 'aura' about them in these important games. What a cool team. Michael 'should' sign with them shortly, before Wednesday when the signing period ends....or, he's off to be the next Alan Shearer at Newcastle.


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        One of the things I love about soccer (or hate, if it goes against whom I'm rooting for) -- you can be outplayed the entire game, but if you manage to keep it tied or close, one bounce can win you the game.


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          Originally posted by DaLode+Aug 26 2005, 04:08 PM-->
          QUOTE(DaLode @ Aug 26 2005, 04:08 PM)

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          ASrlean l is really pising me off. Fucka chEsleas.