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KU football player shows some fight

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  • KU football player shows some fight

    For KU athletics, another headache

    Football player charged in brawl


    The Kansas City Star

    When Terry and Kathy Hendren went to dinner and a concert at Kemper Arena on Sunday, they never thought they would also do battle with a college football player.

    But that’s what they say happened, and University of Kansas fullback Bruce Ringwood has been charged with assaulting the Shawnee couple at the Kenny Chesney concert on Sunday.

    The incident caps a turbulent spring and summer for the Kansas athletic department. The school placed itself on probation in July, and three other athletes have been caught up in criminal investigations.

    Ringwood, 20, a 2003 graduate of Blue Springs High School, could not be reached for comment Thursday. He is charged with violations of two municipal assault ordinances and is to appear in Municipal Court in October. If convicted, he could face $1,000 in fines and up to a year in jail on each count.

    Lew Perkins, KU athletic director, said the school was aware of the incident and gathering information.

    “Until we get the facts … we don’t know what the facts are,” Perkins said. “(KU coach) Mark (Mangino) is going to talk to the kid and get his side of things. And, after that, he’ll handle it. We’ve decided that it’s going to be left up to him. Obviously I have complete trust in him to do what he feels is best for the program.”

    Kathryn Hendren, 46, called the incident surreal.

    “It’s just so bizarre,” she said. “My husband and I just keep looking at each other and keep asking, ‘Did this really happen?’ ”

    According to Hendren, the couple had dined Sunday at the Golden Ox and walked over to Kemper to see Chesney, one of her 46-year-old husband’s favorite performers.

    When the country singer was about halfway through his performance, Ringwood was standing in the row behind the couple, apparently swinging to the music, and hit Kathryn Hendren in the head, she said.

    “I really do think that was accidental,” she said. “I just think he was moving to the music. … It was startling, so I turned and said,‘Hey, that hurt. Be careful.’ ”

    Hendren said Ringwood gave her a belligerent look and then made an obscene gesture.

    “My husband thought he (Ringwood) was being very disrespectful and demanded an apology,” Hendren said.

    But Ringwood, who is listed at 6 feet 1 and 215 pounds, began punching her husband instead, she said.

    “He just dove at him,” Hendren said. “My husband is strong, but when you’ve got a 220-pound guy over the top of you … I tried to knock him (Ringwood) off balance so my husband could defend himself.”

    Instead, Ringwood’s fist hit her in the eye, she said.

    “You know how in cartoons you just see a white blob coming at you? That’s how it was,” she said. “It staggered me; then I yelled, ‘You hit me!’ and that hand came out again and pushed me. That’s when I fell down the stairs.”

    Off-duty Kansas City police working security at the concert responded and found other concert-goers trying to pull the three persons apart. According to police, Hendren’s face and right eye were red, Terry Hendren’s forehead was swollen, and both were bloody. They were treated at a Kemper Arena first-aid station.

    “Nothing life-threatening,” Kathryn Hendren said. “I can be thankful for that.”

    Jeremy Haney, 28, of Kansas City said he witnessed the fight. Haney said Ringwood was a few seats away from him for most of the concert, wearing a shirt with the words “Let’s Scrap” on the back. Ringwood and a friend were dancing throughout the concert, he said, often bumping into people around them.

    Eventually, Haney said, Ringwood and his friend moved to another section nearby.

    “Everyone in our section was so relieved when they left,” Haney said.

    A few minutes later, Haney said, he noticed the two men fighting. Haney did not see how the fight started, but he said he saw Ringwood throwing punches at a man who was much smaller than he. He said the man was seated with a woman a row ahead of Ringwood.

    “The blond kid (Ringwood) was throwing full-fledged punches at this guy, and his friend was pulling the guy’s shirt over his head,” Haney said. “He knocked him down and then kept hitting him some more.”

    He said the woman tried to get Ringwood away from the man.

    At this point, Haney’s version of events diverges slightly from Hendren’s. He said Ringwood shoved the woman away. The woman fell down a few steps but ran back up to confront Ringwood.

    “At that point, he (Ringwood) pulled back his fist and punched the woman flush in the face,” Haney said.

    The incident is the latest in a series of incidents involving the KU athletic department:

    ■ Mangino dismissed star tailback John Randle from the team on April 15 after his arrest on battery charges. It was the fourth time since 2003 that Randle had been arrested.

    ■ Witnesses blamed basketball star J.R. Giddens for instigating a May 19 Lawrence bar fight that left five persons with stab wounds. Giddens left KU’s program under pressure on June 30 and transferred to New Mexico. Forward C.J. Giles, who witnesses said also threw punches during the fight, remains on the team.

    ■ In July, Kansas self-imposed a two-year probation on its athletic department for academic and recruiting improprieties in its football and basketball programs.

    “When you have that many kids — hundreds of kids — and you’re talking about three incidents (Randle, Giddens, Ringwood) … no, I don’t think it’s a trend,” Perkins said. “It’s just bad judgment. We’ve had some guys make bad decisions. This isn’t good.

    “Each case is different, each is separate. But to hit someone or push someone is totally unacceptable. We call them kids, but they’re adults, too. They’ve got to be held accountable, and they’ve got to make better decisions.”
    Dude. Can. Fly.

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    His name is "Mangino"
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      Absolutely pathetic.

      However, I'm not surprised we're having these kinds of difficulties with players. We you're not good (and we really haven't been except for a handful of the Mason years), you either need to cheat or take risks in order to get better. We seem to be doing a little of both.
      On my mind: How can I shut up the singing English graduate student? How many more lossess will KU's basketball team have than its football team? How will the Rams front office screw up this year?

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        Ringwood sounds like a typical jock with a small cock and latent homosexual issues he needs to work out.