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Latest Asshat prank from Radio DJs

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  • Latest Asshat prank from Radio DJs

    Associated Press
    EVANSVILLE, Ind. -- Two disc jockeys apologized for an April Fool's prank that caused a scare for family members of New York Yankees hitting coach Don Mattingly.

    When Mattingly's two younger sons arrived at school Thursday morning, concerned classmates told them that WSTO morning show hosts Brad Booker and Diane Douglas were extending their on-air thoughts and prayers to the Mattingly family.

    The broadcast made the youngsters assume something bad had happened to their father, who was in Japan with his wife, Kim, for the Yankees' series with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

    In reality, the on-air remarks were part of a prank.

    "Our idea was to mention several times that our thoughts and prayers were with the friends and family of Don Mattingly. Later in the morning, we planned on stating that he had nicked himself shaving and we were concerned for him," Booker said in a news release posted on the Evansville station's Web site.

    But Mattingly's family members -- including 12-year-old Jordon and 16-year old Preston, who had stayed behind in Evansville -- weren't in on the joke.

    "It upset the youngest boy," Mattingly's father-in-law, Dennis Sexton, told Evansville television station WEHT. "He kind of shed some tears because he was worried about his mom, dad and brother."

    Sexton said he "kind of panicked" because he knew his daughter and son-in-law were on their way home from Japan.

    Sexton said the younger Mattingly boys reached Don, Kim and Taylor Mattingly by phone on Thursday afternoon.

    Mattingly's oldest son Taylor was also in Japan. He was drafted by the Yankees last summer.

    The radio station later posted a public apology on its Web site.

    "Unfortunately, we did not realize the impact our statements would have on Don's friends and family members," Booker said.

    Tim Huelsing, general manager of the radio station, said the disc jockeys "understand the severity of this mistake ... but they have assured me that it won't happen again. It won't happen again."
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    Fire LaBooker and LaDouglas.

    Why would they think that would be funny at all?
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      they posted an apology on their website, but not on the radios? pansy asses