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Fans sue Rams over injuries @ domed convention ctr

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  • Fans sue Rams over injuries @ domed convention ctr

    Fans sue Rams over injuries at stadium
    By Robert Patrick
    Of the Post-Dispatch

    Two St. Louis County women fans have sued the Rams, the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission, the City of St. Louis and four allegedly drunk, rowdy fans, alleging they were injured when the drunk fans caused a domino-like fall in the seats.

    Angela and Judith Boen’s lawsuit says that at the two-minute warning of the Rams’ 41-36 win over the Denver Broncos on Sept. 4, 2000, four drunk fans started pushing and shoving each other. One or more fell forward into other fans who then fell forward into the Boens, the suit says.

    The names of the allegedly drunk and rowdy fans were not included in the lawsuit.

    The suit, filed late Friday in St. Louis Circuit Court, says stadium employees should have recognized that the fans were drunk and should not have served them more alcohol or should not have let them return to their seats.

    The suit says Angela Boen and her mother Judith Boen injured their heads, necks, backs, shoulders, arms and legs. Angela Boen lost more than $10,000 in medical expenses and lost wages and Judith Boen lost more than $50,000, the suit says.

    The suit also names the St. Louis Municipal Finance Corporation, the St. Louis Regional Convention and Sports Complex Authority, the Edward Jones Dome, Gateway Sportservice and Sportservice Corp.

    The suit says Gateway Sportservice or Sportservice Corp. was responsible for serving the drunk fans alcohol after they were “obviously intoxicated.”

    Judith Boen’s husband James Boen also sued, although the suit does not say he attended the game.

    Earlier this year, several of the same parties sued by the Boens settled another civil suit filed by two men who alleged that a drunk father and son attacked them at a Nov. 26, 2001 game.

    Thomas Kuehn and James Steiger and their wives, Cheryl Kuehn and Carol Steiger settled with Gateway Sportservice for $250,000 before the start of the civil trial.

    The Kuehns settled with the CVC for $425,000, according to documents obtained by the Post-Dispatch under the Sunshine Act.

    In a letter responding to another Sunshine Act request, a visitors commission representative said they were not part of a settlement agreement with the Steigers.

    On Wednesday, spokespeople for the city and the visitors commission had no comment on the Boens’ suit. Lawyers for the Rams and Gateway Sportservice did not return a message seeking comment.

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    What a bunch of fucking idiots.

    I remember a lawsuit that my concert promotion company was on the "bad" end of: one of those thin "gels" that covers up a stage light got loose and fell and landed on a woman. She claimed that she had emotional distress and lost time at work and had medical bills because of it. The paperwork we received from our lawyer said that she had "multiple contusions and lacerations on her neck, legs, back and feet."

    Here's the kicker: this "gel" weighed under 4 ounces.

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      Hey, if they tripped over the cup holders that are almost flat on the floor in the upper bowl, I can relate.

      I nearly tripped up there, and I only had 1 beer, at that time. Problem is I have a size 13 shoe, and trying to sidestep when moving thru the aisle without stomping somebody else's feet is a bitch.

      Now I only buy tickets on the lower concourse at the dome.

      I swear I broke a woman's toe at Busch stadium last year, when I tried to exit an aisle at Busch stadium last year.


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        why do they wait so long to file suit?


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          Originally posted by MsFunkay@Aug 24 2005, 08:49 PM
          why do they wait so long to file suit?

          Because a respectable lawyer wouldn't take the case....They had to find an "AMBULANCE CHASER."


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            Originally posted by Jack Daniels+Aug 24 2005, 10:01 PM-->
            QUOTE(Jack Daniels @ Aug 24 2005, 10:01 PM)

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            Originally posted by Jack Daniels+Aug 24 2005, 10:01 PM-->
            QUOTE(Jack Daniels @ Aug 24 2005, 10:01 PM)

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            Sometimes I wish I had studied law and become a I could sit on these types of cases and embarrass the hell out of the plaintiffs
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