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  • Friday in Memphis

    Just got back from an elongated week in Gulf Shores involving a drive down there with my 2 sons and 3 of their buddies. We stopped off in Memphis Friday before last and went to see the Redbirds play the Sound. Great ballpark with wonderful amenities including a burm in left field where folks can sit on the grass and watch the game for a couple of bucks. We sat behind home plate in the $12 seats and it was deja vu for the old man....reminded me of a small Sportsman's Park. 10,000 plus in attendence and they really do a good job of the old Southern Hospitality bit.

    The downside is that the AAA team looks like shite. Most of their better players are up here now so we got to watch Bo Hart be the Star of The Game in a 7-1 loss.

    Anthony Reyes was still up in Chicago with the big club and Jarvis pitched like he belonged there.

    Anyway, I'd recommend a visit down there. We'll do it again next year and, after a stop for a late lunch in Sikeston for some 'throwed rolls'. You really oughta go to Auto Zone ballpark. It's a very cool place.

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    I will be down there Labor Day weekend for the final set of home games. I can't wait to get back to that yard. Great place for a game.

    jj twiggs - A great family restaurant

    Dear God, KBF here. I'd just like to say thanks, once again, for allowing Dusty Baker and I to live during the same time period. Every time I think he's given me his last gift -- overpitching Prior in the playoffs, getting cocky in Game 6 vs. the Angels, blowing another game for the Cubs -- he does something stupid like pitching to Albert Pujols. Thy will be done, baby!!!!!


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      Agreed - Autozone Park is a teriffic place for a ballgame.

      I've got a few crappy cellphone pics from a game I went to a couple of months ago: