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Any sex offenders live on your block?

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  • Any sex offenders live on your block?

    Check this site out. Simply enter your desired Zip Code and click "Go". You just might be surprised who's living down the street. Or next door. Or....IN YOUR HOUSE!!!

    Sex Offenders Map. Mind you, this is a beta site so it might be slow at times or a little buggy. Either way, it's a great one to bookmark. And no, my name's not on there.

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    I looked this up on the State of MO's website some time ago and discovered that there is someone on the sex offender list that lives on my street. Luckily, he's several blocks away.
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      This guy used to live in my neighbor. But he since transfered
      his residence to Ky. Really creepy. I knew him for
      years. But didn't know he was capable of something
      like this. You just never know about some people.
      Besides, the man is married and has kids. That's
      just so fukked up. Risk everything on a 17 year old.}


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        Search this Zip Code 62301, they look like they are hearded together.

        I still think it is a constitutional violation.
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