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Comebacks and collapses

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  • Comebacks and collapses

    So, on the way to lunch I'm thinking about last night's game. Then I'm thinking about that incredible rally against Cincinnati earlier in the year. That brings to mind the comeback from 8-0 down against Cincinnati a few years ago, which recalls the comeback from 8-2 down in the Pujols Game (aka "Taguchi Game") last year, which recalls the rally from 9-4 down in the 9th inning against Twelve Fingers and the Cubs.

    Then I try and think of big Cardinal collapses in recent memory, and I can only think of two--blowing a 6-1 9th inning lead against the Marlins in 2003 in a game they WON in twenty innings, and blowing that huge lead in Wrigley in that horrible series that decided the division in '03.

    Pretty cool, huh? Am I forgetting any Cardinal choke jobs this century?
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    there was a game against the marlins when mcgwire was still on the team. it might've been the homerun record year or right around it.

    we were up 7-1 and the marlins tied it in late innings and mcgwire came up and k'd or something. we ended up losing.

    I was there with my friend and he wanted the marlins to tie it so mcgwire could hit a game winning hit. he was visiting here from sf, still medical intern I think.

    oh wait, that would make that game not in this century probably. oops.
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