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I hope Kenny Albert and Brian Baldinger are ready

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  • I hope Kenny Albert and Brian Baldinger are ready

    What a long few days. Between the incompetence at LAX, the guy who picked me up from the airport at 1:30 am early Wednesday morning getting lost on the way out to Norwood, Mass., and spending all of Wednesday and Thursday inside of a production truck, it's been a long couple of days. I just got back to my hotel from Foxboro (or is it Foxborough?) a few minutes ago.

    I didn't do a single thing on this trip that went out on the air because the purpose of this trip was for me to learn. I found out late Monday that I was to get on a plane to Boston on Tuesday but I didn't know exactly why. Through hearing different pieces of the story, I found out that I was being groomed to be promoted to a broadcast associate. Turns out that late Monday, one of the BAs decided to leave the company. Left scrambling just three weeks before the start of the season, they had to hire someone from within and that turned out to be this schlepp that just three months ago was pulling video tapes off shelves and handing them to people for a living. About an hour before kickoff, I was standing on the Gillette Stadium field right outside the tunnel from which the players enter the field and had all of this confirmed to me by our senior producer.

    Next week I'll be going to Washington to learn more during the Steelers-Redskins game. Then, I'll be working and traveling with the Kenny Albert/Brian Baldinger crew every single week during the NFL season and will essentially be in charge of the graphics truck. As a broadcast associate, I'll be doing all sorts of jobs ranging from ordering media credentials for our entire crew, making dinner and hotel reservations for everyone, arranging for a weekly sideline reporter since I don't think our crew has its own one, deal with team p.r. to make sure our on-air talent gets out of the stadium quickly and effeciently after the game ends, and so on and so forth.

    More relevant to you, the viewer, I will be in charge of all the on-screen graphics that appear, not including the continuous scoreboard atop the screen. I'll be creating all of the graphics and having them all ready to air at the right moment. I'll get a list of so many from the associate director and after creating those, I'll also create a bunch more myself that I think are worth doing for the game.

    So if you're watching a game with Albert and Baldinger and you think the graphics are gawdawful, you'll know who the idiot who made it is.

    I don't know my schedule yet. The first three weeks of the season has already been set but I haven't seen it yet. I've heard I'll be going to Seattle for the Seahawks and Falcons in the first week so if you're watching that game, expect the graphics situation to be a disaster for at least the first few minutes of the game.

    A few other things...

    I met Joe Buck, Troy Aikman and Pam Oliver during the production meeting in our hotel. Joe is funnier in person than he is on television (he suggested we segueway into the promo for "Prison Break" by talking about Jamal Lewis), Troy is an unbelievably nice guy and Pam has a smoking body.

    There is a minimart not far from Gillette Stadium that is plastered with signs that say "Cigarettes $3.29." The minimart is no bigger than the hotel room in which I'm sitting right now yet it probably had 40 such signs all over it.

    I walked by Aaron Brooks in the tunnel (our production trucks were located right behind the tunnel) but I wussed out and didn't ask him if he planned to make a sequel to his rap video "Steamin' Willie Beamon."

    NFL officials look old and out of shape on television and from the 40th row in a stadium. They look like they should be in walkers when you're standing right next to them. Aren't there some young, fit guys the league could hire to do this job instead?

    Back to LA in four hours.

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      Flippin' sweet, Dev. Good luck!
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        Holy shit, Dev! Congrats!!!!!!

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        * Payment processing. It will be official soon.


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          Congrats dev!
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              Congrats to you Dev...ya never cease to amaze me...

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              Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
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                Big fuckin' congrats to you, Dev. Nice to know someone's work is paying off for them.

                Just remember all us little guys when you make it big(ger).....
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                  and now

                  ricky, shutup and paint your god damn house.


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                    You are doing what I secretly wish I was. Congrats to you dude.
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                      The cream rises - Congrats
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                        Good deal, congrats.
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                          Nice going, Dev. Keep it up.


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                            Hey Dev,

                            I'd like a ham sammich.


                            Oh, and before I forget, congrats. Or something like that.


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                              Movin' on the East Side...

                              Congrats - that's pretty cool.