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Philly Fan Teaches Son to Throw Batteries

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  • Philly Fan Teaches Son to Throw Batteries

    Here's a funny story about Philly fans and our very own CSD.

    Philadelphia is home of the Liberty Bell, "Rocky" and thuggish sports fans raining double-D batteries from the upper deck. Throwing batteries at opposing players is a long-standing tradition in the City of Brotherly Love, and one that die-hard Phillies fan Joey "Copper Top" Scagnetti is passing on to the next generation.

    "My old man taught me how to throw a double-D, and now I'm teaching my son," Scagnetti said. "It's a beautiful thing."

    Scagnetti's son Vinny is only 7 years old, "But he's got a hell of an arm, like his old man."

    Scagnetti says they play catch with single-A batteries every weeknight. On the weekends, he brings Vinny to neighborhood Pee-Wee League games to practice in actual game situations—throwing batteries at the kids from visiting teams. He hopes to have Vinny ready for the Little League World Series next summer. Then it's the big leagues.

    "Lord willing," Scagnetti said.

    When asked if the new Phillies stadium was more conducive to battery throwing, Scagnetti said, "Condu-what? Well, I like the new place better 'cause we're closer to the field than at the Vet. So now, you're actually aiming for headshots, whereas before you’d just be lucky if you hit skull." Scagnetti then said, "Just the other night I nailed [Carlos] Delgado in the temple, a double-D dome shot. You live for those." Asked what Delgado did to deserve a battery to the head, Scagnetti said, "He was 1 for 4."

    As for his son Vinny, hopes are high. "He could be one of the greats. And he better be cause I ain't raising no pansy."
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