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My review of the VTECH - VSMILE kids TV

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  • My review of the VTECH - VSMILE kids TV

    My son turned four last week and as a birthday gift my wife got him the VTech - VSmile. This is a stand alone game that you plug right into the TV and play. The supposed catch was that it was educational in nature and it would help your kid learn.

    Well so much for the advertising. This thing is donkey kong with some ABC's and Colors tossed in the background. It no more helps with your ABC's in my opinion than playing with wood blocks and I think the Blocks are a lot better.

    Before my wife purchased it - and told her we should think about it - which to her meant go right ahead. Mind you the 4 year old can move the mouse with the best of them and is on every PBS site by himself 3 to 4 times a week. The 2 and 1/2 year old is almost as good. Whenever I leave the internet up on this site when I get back she is trying to report one of you clowns to the administrator. They have several learning disc like jumpstart and blues clues that are just so much better at eductional stuff.

    So my review is - unless you plan on starting your kid out to introduce him to the gaming world - the Vtech holds no greater significant educational value than any other video game.
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    My wife also HAD to get this game for our 4 year old...I think she has touched it twice and for very short periods of time...

    Much better off with computer "educational" games...

    Hopefully it will be a time waster for her while we are tending to the baby though...Maybe I will have to reintroduce her to it...she actually seems to like it for about 2 minutes (or the average attention span of a 4 year old)
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