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Should McGwire attend Busch festivities?

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  • Should McGwire attend Busch festivities?

    Explain your reasoning and what you would do if McGwire showed up....

    From bernie's bits...

    Bernie Bits: Will McGwire attend Busch farewell bash?
    By Bernie Miklasz
    Of the Post-Dispatch

    The Cardinals are inviting at least 100 former players to take part in festivities in the final weekend of regular season baseball at Busch Stadium, Sept. 30-Oct. 2.

    The team would like Mark McGwire to attend, but there's been no answer from Big Mac.

    McGwire previously declined to return to Busch to tear down the No. 25 banner as part of the final-season countdown.

    McGwire lives with his wife and children in Southern California, and he's maintained a low-key profile in his retirement. But McGwire has been even more withdrawn during baseball's raging controversy over steroids and in the aftermath of accusations that he used them. McGwire further damaged his image in March with his weak performance while testifying before a congressional subcommittee.

    Manager Tony La Russa staunchly defended McGwire after Jose Canseco leveled steroids allegations against McGwire in the book "Juiced." La Russa was disappointed when McGwire failed to defend himself when questioned by Congress.

    But La Russa and McGwire remain friendly. La Russa and general manager Walt Jocketty dined with McGwire when the Cardinals visited Los Angeles in the final weekend of July. La Russa didn't pressure McGwire to return to Busch for the final weekend.

    "It was good to see him," La Russa told Post-Dispatch baseball writer Derrick Goold. "It was a group of friends getting together for dinner. He was interested in how well the Cardinals were doing. The topic of him coming to remove the number or visiting Busch for the going away weekend didn't come up because it was just friends getting together for dinner."

    If McGwire opts to come back, it will be interesting to see how he'll be received by Cardinals fans who applauded him during his 70-homer season in 1998.

    Earlier this week while hosting a show on KMOX radio, I asked fans how they'd respond to McGwire if he visited Busch. I was surprised by the anti-McGwire hostility from some callers who openly announced their intentions to boo him as loudly as possible. McGwire did, however, receive supportive calls from fans.

    Chances are that if McGwire makes that final appearance at Busch Stadium - the scenes of his greatest baseball triumphs - 1998 will seem light years away.

    Would fans cut McGwire some slack by choosing to remember the good times, including McGwire's charitable deeds on behalf of abused children?

    Or after being stained by steroid suspicions, is he now a villain?

    It's amazing how things can change.

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    I need a "Who gives a shit" to honestly answer.
    "Whaddya mean I hurt your feelings?"
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    had any feelings"


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      I say no because it would distract big time from the Cardinals.

      As far as his roid use goes I couldn't care less, I think he is a jerk for other reasons, but that shouldn't take away from the GREAT years he had wearing the Cardinal uniform.

      But again, it would never be about how good he was in St. Louis, it would be about roids, so I vote no.
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        Unsure, because '98 was a fun season, but now it's a little embarrassing.
        The noise was good, but I thought they phoned in a lot of the funk.

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          No. I had to cover the Cards when I was an intern at a radio station during the 2000 season. That guy without a doubt was the biggest prick I've ever met. He never did anything to me, but he just went out of his way to be ignorant to the local media. It was similar to the Chris Rock old black man joke he told on his stand up special a few years back. The local media were the "cracka ass crackas" but when ESPN showed up it was, "howdy sir!"


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            Originally posted by gibsongirl@Aug 13 2005, 01:23 AM
            Unsure, because '98 was a fun season, but now it's a little embarrassing.


            My opinion of Big Mac has almost (not quite, but almost) done a 180 after the Congressional hearings...

            At best...he hired a really shitty lawyer...

            "I'm not here to talk about the past"?

            C'mon Mac...Ishtar wouldn't have cast you...
            "Be truthful, not neutral."


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              I say yes. While I believe he did use roids, he has never admitted it and has never tested positive for anything. Last time I checked we have a innocent til proven guilty thing going on in this country. I know the court of public opinion is a different beast but there is no one who can tell me that the summer of 98 wasn't one of the most thrilling sports seasons in history. On top of that the guy donated millions to charity so his karma has to equal out at some point, right?
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                I'd say - it's really up to him.

                If he came to the game(s), and I was there, I would cheer him. The steroid accusations may effect whether I think he belongs in the hall of fame, but the fact is regardless of whether he was 'juiced' or not, he and Sosa made me interested in Baseball again, when I had tuned it out ever since the strike. He's the entire reason I even bother watching baseball games anymore (although last year may have helped a little), so that's the part I choose to remember, and why I would cheer him if he showed up.

                I think it's fine should someone decide to remain silent and just not cheer. But I don't get anyone who would boo him, after what he did for baseball.
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                  I don't get alot of the outright "hatred" pointed at him. If he was doing "roids", he was only following what MLB and the MLBPA wanted to do, IMO, in order to stoke up fan interest following the disaster of 1994.
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                    I'd rather have Bernie Mac. I think Mark is tainted and should best lay low.
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                      Originally posted by The Kev@Aug 13 2005, 09:08 AM

                      I don't get alot of the outright "hatred" pointed at him. If he was doing "roids", he was only following what MLB and the MLBPA wanted to do, IMO, in order to stoke up fan interest following the disaster of 1994.


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                        I think it's a moot point, because he won't show.

                        Better to go into to seclusion and stay away. I'm with CG, 1998 at the time was magical, but now it gives me a creepy feeling.
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                          Not only yes, but hell yes. I agree 100% with Kev. 1998 was one of the best summers of baseball ever. That other shit is a sidebar.
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                            I think McGwire should stay away. He made a fool of him self at the congressional hearings. We have plenty of great players that are not afraid to talk about the past.


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                              I would love to see him come here again but lets face it he won't. he has distanced himself from this city and its people since he retired. I have more of a problem with that than i do any steroid issues

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