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Cubs are champions of futility, again

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  • Cubs are champions of futility, again

    I didn't see this posted yet so........

    Cubs are champions of futility, again

    We come today to ask a moment of sympathy, for baseball's long sufferers. August is when reality fully sets in, when the standings are merciless and the prospects are cold. Again.

    The combatants of the pennant races draw the attention now, bracing for the stretch run. But what of the places where there is no reason to watch the scoreboard, except idle curiosity? Where the only things left to look forward to are back-to-school lunch box giveaways?

    Let us remember in our thoughts the poor patrons of the    Kansas City Royals, certain to go a 20th straight year without a playoff team. Not only that, the Royals are so far away they would need the Hubble telescope to find first place - 36 games back as of Thursday.

    Or the afflicted in Tampa Bay, where in the eighth year of life, the Devil Rays are closing in on their seventh last place finish.

    Or Pittsburgh, where it can be said with growing confidence that the Pirates will endure their 13th straight losing season. The last time they had a winning record without Barry Bonds in the lineup was 1983.

    Or Texas, where the Rangers/Senators franchise turned 45 this year, and will for the 45th time not be in the    World Series.

    Let us empathize with the shattered and false hopes of our cousins in Baltimore, where the Orioles were a first-place mirage into late June. Now they are 11 games back, their manager fired. The only loud noises out of Baltimore lately came when Rafael Palmeiro's drug test results were released.

    And just down the road, the nouveau faithful in Washington are back to the real world, watching the Nationals steadily lose altitude. The plucky upstarts who once startled baseball by going 23-7 in one-run games have executed an about-face, and gone 2-15 through Wednesday.

    But most of all, we should mourn with the most pitiful victims of all. The huddled masses who are in the 22nd month of their Doomsday Scenario.

    We speak, obviously, of Cubs fans.

    First was the blown pennant in 2003. An infamous October calamity that began when the box seat ghost in headphones, Steve Bartman, reached out for a foul ball.

    Then came 2004. A summer-long tease. A fade at the end. And then the indignity of watching the Red Sox, the only other franchise that could match the Cubs in woe, dancing at the World Series. Leaving the Cubs alone in their historical futility. As if fate had only room in its heart to heal one curse.

    And now, 2005. The Cubs have collapsed, doomed by injuries and atrocious play. As of Friday, they have lost 12 of 16 and dropped 18 games behind first place. Starting play Thursday, they stood a wobbly seventh in the National League wild-card standings.

    Meanwhile, just down the train rails a few stops, the White Sox are rolling and roaring. They have no ivy and they are not loved by so many. But at the moment, they hardly ever lose.

    So to sum up, the two best records in baseball belong to the Cubs' hated brethren on the south side of Chicago, and their most bitter rivals in St. Louis.

    The reigning champions are the Red Sox, their former brothers-in-misery.

    Meanwhile, the Cubs still pack them in at 39,000 a game, and lose in mysterious ways. Their rookie starting pitcher coughed up three-bases loaded walks against Cincinnati Wednesday, including to the Reds pitcher, who is hitting .186.

    So the losses mount, the despair deepens, and they can't even count on Red Sox and White Sox fans to feel lousy alongside them anymore.

    All things considered, it must be a Cubs' fan worst nightmare.

    And it's not over yet.

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    The link is out of date, but it sounds like something Mariotti would write.


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      Originally posted by bcruise@Aug 12 2005, 03:29 PM
      The link is out of date, but it sounds like something Mariotti would write.
      I can't figure out why the link won't work. The article is from yesterday. It was written by Mike Lopresti of USA Today.
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        this might help
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          Originally posted by Guppy@Aug 12 2005, 03:39 PM
          this might help

          Thank you.
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            Being a Cub fan is probably a lot like being a St Louis Cardinal Football fan.

            Thank god Bidwell packed up his team and moved to the desert
            Go Cards ...12 in 13.