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Stone Temple Pilots DEFEATS Dire Straits!

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  • Stone Temple Pilots DEFEATS Dire Straits!

    Cast your vote and discuss! The first post in the stickied thread will be constantly updated with past results and the bracket!
    Dire Straits
    Stone Temple Pil

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    STP all the way.


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      of course you haven't really made it until Weird Al Yankovik mocks one of your songs..
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        As much as I like STP..and Interstate Love Song...

        Dire Straits is soooo much better musically...


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          STP for me

          I got burnt out on Dire Straits long back...
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            I admit to not knowing much STP so my vote is already decided but to convince others check out these lyrics (can you tell I am a words man?)


            I seen a girl on a one way corridor
            Stealing down a wrong way street
            For all the world like an urban toreador
            She had wheels on on her feet
            Well the cars do the usual dances
            Sames old cruise and the kerbside crawl
            But the rollergirl she’s taking chances
            They just love to see her take them all

            No fears alone at night she’s sailing through the crowd
            In her ears the phones are tight and the music’s playing loud

            Hallelujah here she comes queens rollerball
            Enchante what can I say don’t care at all
            You know she used to have to wait around
            She used to be the lonely one
            But now that she can skate around town
            She’s the only one

            No fears alone at night she’s sailing through the crowd
            In her ears the phones are tight and the music’s playing loud

            She gets rock n roll a rock n roll station
            And a rock n roll dream
            She’s making movies on location
            She don’t know what it means
            But the music make her wanna be the story
            And the story was whatever was the song what it was
            Rollergirl don’t worry
            D.j. play the movies all night long

            She tortures taxi drivers just for fun
            She like to read their lips
            Says toro toro taxi see ya tomorrow my son
            I swear she let a big truck graze her hip
            She got her own world in the city
            You can’t intrude on her
            She got her own world in the city
            Cos the city’s been so rude to her

            Come slippin and a slidin
            Life’s a rollerball
            Slippin and a slidin
            Skateaway that’s all
            Shala shalay hey hey skateaway
            She’s singing shala shalay hey hey

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              Is the money really for nothing?? And are the chicks really for free???


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                Sultans Of Swing, mofos.

                Mark K. and the rest of Dire Straits deserve mention here. "Brothers In Arms" & even Knoffler himself is cited as a guitar influence on a number of today's guitar players. Knoffler has worked with Eric Clapton & Chet Atkins...some of guitar's legends...because he himself in considered among those ranks.

                STP - Although I *like* them, I'm trying to base my choices on musical influence, talent, songwriting, and longevity. I never liked Scott Weiland, because I think talent should come from an inner muse, not what color candy you can snort - or shoot for that matter. DeLeo is a decent guitarist & fairly good lyric writer. Some decent songs, some top 40 type stuff. Sex Type Thing, good tune.

                Dire Straits gets my vote on this.
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                  Pilots soar over the straits.
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                    One old man's biased opinion: this game shouldn't even be close. Dire Straits is light years the best of these two bands. Expresso Love is among my favorite five rock songs. And the live version of Sultans of Swing off Alchemy of has one of the best guitar leads in it of any song of any time.
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                      Dire Straits rocked my world in the late '70s, early '80s and they're still recognized. Musicologist I ain't, but they're in my all time top-10. About time you put a decent band in here.
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                        What the hell is with you people? First the Pretenders get no respect, and now this? STP is actually leading in this vote.

                        Look, people, this is easy. It's Dire Straits. It's not debatable.
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                          What sucks is Radiohead would cream everyone in the play-in round....

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                            How can this be close?

                            STP. Listen to Plush and get back to me.
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                              Wow I can't believe this is even a contest, let alone STP is actually winning.

                              STP? Over Dire Straits?

                              Sultans of Swing alone beats STP. How Knopfler plays like that without a pick is astounding.
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