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  • Grizzlies fans out there

    Just wondering if anybody is watching the Grizzlies. For the first time in my life i've followed an NBA team during the regular season pretty much game in game out. I've always been a big fan of the NBA playoffs but thought the regular season was worthless. Well, if you've got a team to root for it's a lot of fun. It's certainly just as fun to watch as a regular season baseball game.

    Anyway, anybody think the Grizzlies can make a run. They've got the second best record in the league since the all-star break (18-4) and currently have 6 game win streak. Jason Williams is one of the most fun players to watch the history of the game.....that is no exaggeration. He is playing the without the headaches under Hubie Brown. Remember the name James Posey. This guy plays his fucking ass off and is very talented. He's probably the MVP of this very talented team. Gasol is really turning into a good player but I wonder if he will be able to handle the physical nature of the playoffs. Bonzi Wells has been a model citizen and along with Mike Miller they make a very effective 2 guard position.

    Wow, I better quit typing since there aren't many NBA fans around here and definitely very few Griz fans.