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St. Louis Sports Lounge Battle of the Bands!

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  • St. Louis Sports Lounge Battle of the Bands!

    It's time for the St. Louis Sports Lounge Battle of the Bands!

    Over the next few weeks, I'll post three or four different polls per night and you can vote for whoever you wish! In this thread, I will constantly update the image in this thread with the updated results.


    I more or less randomly placed each band in a bracket. I decided not to break the brackets down into categories because judging by the suggestions, most people were nominating primarily rock bands. So instead, I just took suggestions and placed them where ever. The only thing I'm doing is making sure obviously similar bands are in separate brackets--example, the Stones and Beatles are the two biggest British bands so they're separate, same with Pearl Jam and Nirvana when it comes to the Seattle/grunge scene.

    Each region has 24 bands. Eight in each get a bye. The first round is the play-in round. Obviously huge groups get byes (based primarily on my own opinion of who was huge in terms of both popularity and impact). There is no numeric seeding for the sake of eliminating bias but if you are familiar with NCAA brackets, you might be able to get a pretty good idea of who is seeded what.

    Lastly, I tried to prevent having a person represented twice, and thus I don't have Eric Clapton and all of his bands; just Clapton. Or John Lennon and the Beatles; just the Beatles.

    Play-in round results
    Prince 28, Barry White 12
    Bo Diddley 28, Rush 26
    Pearl Jam 30, John Mellencamp 25
    Sex Pistols 20, Wilson Pickett 19
    Velvet Underground 26, The Animals 19
    Tom Petty 46, Public Enemy 17
    AC/DC 37, The Supremes 8
    The Eagles 42, Jefferson Airplane 15
    The Beach Boys 36, Sly & the Family Stone 20
    Lynyrd Skynyrd 48, Steve Miller Band 20
    Run DMC 23, George Thorogood 20
    Queen 30, R.E.M. 21
    Billy Joel 30, John Coltrane 18
    The Ramones 35, The Smiths 16
    The Red Hot Chili Peppers 35, Carl Perkins 11
    Johnny Cash 53, The Carpenters 5
    Creedence Clearwather Revival 49, Metallica 16
    Talking Heads 29, Curtis Mayfield 18
    Stone Temple Pilots 29, Dire Straits 26
    Santana 26, Jeff Beck 10
    Charlie Daniels Band 30, The Rascals 13
    Simon & Garfunkel 26, Muddy Waters 16
    The Clash 49, Rod Stewart 15
    Van Morrison 35, Guns N'Roses 13
    The Bee Gees 30, Frank Zappa 29
    Bruce Springsteen 27, Fleetwood Mac 24
    The Pretenders 28, Earth Wind and Fire 25
    David Bowie 27, The Grateful Dead 18
    Aerosmith 48, Electric Light Orchestra 21
    Buddy Holly 36, Soundgarden 15
    Van Halen 31, The Neville Brothers 10
    Elvis Costello 31, The Isley Brothers 19

    Opening round results
    The Beatles 49, Prince 9
    Bo Diddley 20, Madonna 18
    The Temptations 30, Pearl Jam 21
    Chuck Berry 36, Sex Pistols 8
    John Lee Hooker 20, Velvet Underground 15
    Eric Clapton 40, Tom Petty 16
    AC/DC 25, Parliament Funkadelic 21
    Bob Dylan 28, The Eagles 22
    The Beach Boys 25, Michael Jackson 15
    Ray Charles 26, Lynyrd Skynyrd 25
    The Doors 36, Run DMC 15
    Neil Young 26, Queen 14
    Billy Joel 22, Marvin Gaye 21
    Janis Joplin 23, The Ramones 15
    B.B. King 27, The Red Hot Chili Peppers 19
    Led Zeppelin 39, Johnny Cash 18
    Elvis Presley 37, Creedence Clearwater Revival 22
    Elton John 37, Talking Heads 11
    Stevie Wonder 33, Stone Temple Pilots 13
    Bob Marley 29, Santana 12
    Stevie Ray Vaughan 29, Charlie Daniels Band 12
    Jimi Hendrix 27, Simon & Garfunkel 10
    Pink Floyd 39, The Clash 16
    The Rolling Stones 32, Van Morrison 17
    U2 35, The Bee Gees 17
    Bruce Springsteen 31, N.W.A. 12
    Willie Nelson 30, The Pretenders 18
    David Bowie 38, Little Richard 8
    Miles Davis 31, Aerosmith 16
    Nirvana 39, Buddy Holly 19
    The Who 31, Van Halen 12
    Elvis Costello 21, James Brown 20

    Second round results
    The Beatles 38, Bo Diddley 7
    The Temptations 24, Chuck Berry 23
    Eric Clapton 35, John Lee Hooker 7
    Bob Dylan 26, AC/DC 16
    The Beach Boys 24, Ray Charles 23
    The Doors 27, Neil Young 22
    Billy Joel 22, Janis Joplin 15
    Led Zeppelin 40, B.B. King 11
    Elvis Presley 36, Elton John 17
    Stevie Wonder 19, Bob Marley 18
    Jimi Hendrix 38, Stevie Ray Vaughan 18
    Pink Floyd 30, Jimi Hendrix 29
    U2 27, Bruce Springsteen 18
    David Bowie 26, Willie Nelson 21
    Miles Davis 33, Nirvana 25
    The Who 40, Elvis Costello 9

    Sweet 16
    The Beatles 44, The Temptations 8
    Bob Dylan 22, Eric Clapton 21
    The Doors 28, The Beach Boys 14
    Led Zeppelin 40, Billy Joel 15
    Elvis Presley 26, Stevie Wonder 14
    Pink Floyd 28, Jimi Hendrix 26
    U2 24, David Bowie 18
    Miles Davis 22, The Who 21

    Regional Finals
    Led Zeppelin 33, The Doors 15
    Pink Floyd 25, Elvis Presley 22
    U2 30, Miles Davis 24

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    Wow, that's impressive.

    Dev, thanks for putting that together. It's quite an undertaking.
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      Good stuff....

      "Can't buy what I want because it's free...
      Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
      -- Pearl Jam, from the single Corduroy


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        that's cool...

        I can't wait for Movie Maddness 2!
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          I'm warning you all... I've got a personal agenda against the Beatles. While good songwriters, they are too much hype, IMHO.

          However, knowing that, I won't do anything to alter the polls.

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            Ummm, where is The Dead??

            I know they would not have won, but they should at least be in...
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              Originally posted by BlueBrained@Mar 28 2004, 09:25 PM
              Ummm, where is The Dead??

              I know they would not have won, but they should at least be in...
              You're right, they probably should be in somewhere. But I could only include so many.


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                Originally posted by devaskar+Mar 28 2004, 11:26 PM-->
                QUOTE (devaskar @ Mar 28 2004, 11:26 PM)

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                I posted this in the thread below - can someone tell me if I'm right or wrong????

                Am I misreading the bracket, or are Skynyrd and Thorogood supposed to be squaring off?
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                  I'm glad you found employment, as it looks as though you have time on your hands.


                  Comprehensive, though. Wow.
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                    No Dead?? Man, they defined the haoght-Ashbury Love-ins in the 60's....very deserving...

                    Can't you take off someone elese and put them there...

                    N.W.A...what the fuck are they doing here??? Sucked...replace them with the Dead..

                    Or the Carpenters...this is ROCK, man...put the Dead in!!!!


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                      Originally posted by Indu WangZi@Mar 29 2004, 12:13 AM

                      No Dead?? Man, they defined the haoght-Ashbury Love-ins in the 60's....very deserving...

                      Can't you take off someone elese and put them there...

                      N.W.A...what the fuck are they doing here??? Sucked...replace them with the Dead..

                      Or the Carpenters...this is ROCK, man...put the Dead in!!!!
                      Carpenters, fine, but don't take out NWA. All these damn racists here won't vote em too far, but at least they are deservering.


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                        Originally posted by Dr.Gonzo+Mar 29 2004, 12:18 AM-->
                        QUOTE (Dr.Gonzo @ Mar 29 2004, 12:18 AM)

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                        did I really just see the Fabulous Thunderbirds...???
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                          Ok..Ok...I got the message on NWA..(although they SUCKED...I mean...the Beastie Boys are more deserving)

                          But how did they get a first-round bye??

                          And we must...must...replace the Carpenters with the Dead..

                 boy Elvis Costello will be up against James Brown if he wins...and then The Who (likely) if he beats James...

                          Damn...dont know if I have enough alter egos to ensure he wins


                          • Working...