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I've got a lot of 'Mail Delivery System' errors

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    Originally posted by cardinalgirl@Mar 29 2004, 08:52 AM
    how would that make me feel better?

    I am giving you 2 more demerits.
    Great. Does that make you feel better?
    If you believe in something sacrifice a hobo to it or don't bother.


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      But what does make me feel better is that I won't let this happen again cos I will from now on I will do what I know is right and I won't run it by the people who I "should".
      Sometimes elections have positive consequences!


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        It's a damn trojan virus. I had the same thing on my office computer a few days ago and even the 2004 Norton didn't get rid of it. I've ended having my kid just copy my files and then reload the whole bloody thing.

        Who does this destructive stuff?


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          I had an email account on a domain called before, someone got a list of their usernames and sent out spam disguised as users on that domain, so in other words thousands of messages were being sent by what looked like my account, I found out cause I started getting flooded with undeliverable messages. You may be experiencing the same sort of thing.


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            I think I have to live with whatever is going on.

            I am hating.
            Sometimes elections have positive consequences!