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    I scored pretty high liberal numbers when I took that survey a couple of weeks ago. I will be voting for Kerry. But check out George Will's column today, concerning this guy named DeMint. Quitting the house after six years to run for the senate in South Carolina, hoping to replace 6 term democrat Fritz Hollings. One of only 25 republicans in the house to vote against Medicare prescription drug entitlement. He gets the concept that bad individual choices regarding people's health is leading to increasing numbers of voters interested in preserving entitlements. If he can be a leader, he could be a formidable candidate in 2008, no matter who wins in 2004. I doubt that I would vote for him, but this guy is no dummy.

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    There might be a problem with him, after all. If he has done the math, and has figured out that we cannot afford endless government entitlements, he might also be enough of a lunatic to be skeptical about tax cuts until cuts in spending actually occur. If that is true, (I don't know his voting record) he might not make it out of the republican primary.