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Happy Quarter Century, Dev....

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  • Happy Quarter Century, Dev....

    Best I can do...


    "Can't buy what I want because it's free...
    Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
    -- Pearl Jam, from the single Corduroy

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    Oh Happy Birthday, Dev. You are one of my favorite people of all time.

    My niece turns 5 today too and I have no children, so she gets (again) to be treated like she is mine cos it's right. I adore her and her sister.

    All I can do though is buy computer games and ponies.

    They love their Cardinals though.
    Sometimes elections have positive consequences!


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      Thats what I want for my birthday too.
      Be passionate about what you believe in, or why bother.


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        Originally posted by madyaks@Mar 27 2004, 12:41 AM
        Thats what I want for my birthday too.
        a picture where you can't see the mesquito bites she calls tits?


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          Happy B-Day, asscake

          25...good age...I hope you're doing what 25 year-olds should be doing


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            damn Dev! Finally you have no more birthdays to look forward to! Insurance goes down on the car and from then it is all downhill.

            Have a great one bud.
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              Happy a new job...all this good karma piling on is not good, wary of people making left turns, and don't walk under cranes delivering pianos... :rolleyes:
              . . . and to tell you this: I work with gays, have friends who are gay, go to church with gays. Most of them are aware that I believe that homosexual behavior is sin. Some of them actually agree. Most don't. It's OK . . . because they also know or at least have been made aware of my multitude of sins: adulterous heart, lustful and covetous behavior, wicked pride, angry spirit . . . do I need to go on?
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                Happy B-day man. Good couple of days, huh?

                Except for the whole Pitt thing...
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                  Happy Birthday Dev!
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                    Happy Birthday..........and a late congrats on the job.............

                    25............Damn that's a few years ago for me...........Have fun..........
                    AKA reddevil
                    AKA davel a devil



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                      Happy Birthday, Dev! I'll have a chicken sammich for ya!

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                      * Payment processing. It will be official soon.


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                        HBD, dev. Hope it's warm and sunny out there, and that you have a no worry weekend with the new gig on the horizon.

                        The Dude abides.


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                          Have a great one, dev.
                          Make America Great For Once.


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                            Happy birthday , Dev!

                            It sounds like a pretty good week for you with this and the job. Feel like pressing your luck and challenging me to Madden?
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                              I LOVE KATE HUDSON! Kicksave, I don't care if she has small breasts...I still love her! PENNY LANE!

                              Happy birthday to your niece, CG.

                              Gup: Now I can rent cars without paying a premium!

                              Stroker: I hear ya...I'm very worried about this. I'm already bracing myself for my hair starting to fall out in the next couple days. Something bad is inevitably going to happen.

                              THB: Pitt may have lost, my brackets may have gone to all hell...but at least I'm going to have DirecTV soon! And my parents even offered to pay for the equipment as a birthday present.

                              CheesesteakDude: Celebrate my birthday for me by having a (chicken) cheesesteak!

                              BBZ: When I moved at the end of December, the movers lost one box...the one that had my PS2 in it. I still have all the games but no system. Once I get my first paycheck, I'll be buying a new one so I'll take you on then (assuming your "dog" doesn't eat the online cable again!).

                              Kaiser: Isn't this great? You and I share a birthday!

                              Thanks 007, and everyone. I appreciate it.