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    What is this paying for that I can't get in the county? I'm politically stupid, so forgive me.

    I moved into the city about 2 years ago, and I pay the extra income tax and sales tax. It adds up to quite a bit more than I paid in St. Chuck.

    From what I can see, the roads still suck, and the schools are worse. Exactly what am I paying for?

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    Ahhh........The wonderful city tax..........

    Do you work in the city too............It used to be if you lived in the city you would get that income tax back at the end of the year..........Not sure if it's still the case
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      I got screwed for this too. I did alll my work in west county last summer, live in mid-county, but the temp agency through which my company put me through has its offices in STL so I got charged that friggin 1% and didnt get it back. Wouldn't be as upset if I actually saw some RESULTS from that tax


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        I don't work here, but I still have to pay. I mean, it's 1%, not the end of the world but I was just wondering wtf it pays for.

        Now that I think about it, I get free trash pickup. I guess that's one thing.