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  • pgrote..

    why no posts from you in awhile man? You may have answered this question awhile back, but i dont frequent this board as much as i like.

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    since pgrote left, maybe someone else could enlighten me_


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      He's around...he is actually trying to make some money I would guess

      Go Cards ...12 in 13.


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        make the poker tables?


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          Originally posted by Chesterfield Cat@Mar 26 2004, 08:11 PM
          make the poker tables?
          I think he has been working on a big project a lot lately
          Go Cards ...12 in 13.


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            ty TTB for your response.


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              PG is in the hizzouse
              Un-Official Sponsor of Randy Choate and Kevin Siegrist


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                Chesterfield ... thanks for the PM.

                Yes, I have been very busy at work. Things are going ok for me, but for the company overall we are transitioning.

                Last week I had the higher ups in and this week I was in Florida. Next week is New York. The week after that Denver.

                So .... my time has been constrained. Between doing the draft on dialup and working all the time I haven't had much time.

                The poker is going well. Started with $100 and I am up to $210 in real money. I don't like it, though, as I am a grinder. A good night for me is being up $2.00.

                The other thing are the political conversations. I like the sports stuff, but the political stuff ends up never accomplishing anything.


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                  I miss you, Pgrote.

                  You're one of my favorites.

                  Who should host my site dammit?
                  Sometimes elections have positive consequences!


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                    you sound like you´ve been one busy bastard.

                    And a helluva poker player B)


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                      Yes, busy.

                      Poker becomes very boring, very quickly when you play with real money. :-)

                      I had always thought those pros who said it was tough gambling as a pro could be boring, but it is. Sometimes I get excited when the perfect hand comes, but that is far and few between. :-)