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Baseball's spring wardrobe blowout.

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  • Baseball's spring wardrobe blowout.

    Adam Riggs of the Anaheim Angels etched his name into uniform history last Aug. 16, when he trotted out to left field wearing a jersey mistakenly embroidered with "Angees." Think that could happen again this year? Probably not, but the odds have just doubled, because the team will be wearing "Angels" instead of "Anaheim" on its road jerseys this season.

    So begins Uni Watch's sixth annual baseball roundup, in which we examine the sartorial state of affairs on the diamond. With the Yankees and Devil Rays slated to open the season in Japan on March 30, and the balance of the schedule commencing on April 5, here's what you can expect to see at the ballpark this year.


    Mr. G

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    In review:

    Jays new uni's look too much like the Devil Rays USFL style, which I think sucks.

    I like the new Padres uni's & the Swinging Friar is very cool

    I think vest jerseys are cool looking, old school looking IMO. Along those lines, any team who doesn't use button up jerseys should be forced to forfeit ALL their games.

    The caps they mentioned look good, though I wouldn't wear a purple cap, or the Twins one, hehe, BUT I hate those cap side patches.

    However, I like most of the commemorative style sleeve patches EXCEPT for the Mets ones, though Mets=suck so I'm not surprised there.

    Team logo do-rags=SUCK Can't believe this is real.

    I like the O's reverting to traditional, old school coloring.

    This doesn't make me Metro does it?