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  • Axemen, unite!

    I used to have this lovely little '65 Les Paul, DiMarzio PAFs and brass gear...unfortunately, I lost it in a fire. I've always been partial to LPs, but have played others...LOVED my friend's Framus electric 12 (would love to talk him out of it); damn near had a hernia playing an SG doubleneck, plus I'm not that co-ordinated; never was very fond of Strats; never played a Music Man, but heard they were sweet. Discuss!

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    I sometimes watch Matlock.
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      I actually sold a Les Paul Deluxe about ten years ago in favor of my Squier Strat.

      Specifically a pre-Malaysian, Korean made Squier Strat

      I also had a Fender American Standard Tele until about a year ago .. never did like the feel compared to the Strat.
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        I've had a couple Les Pauls, one being a '73 Gold Top that I wish I still had. It was heavy & pretty one-dimensional like most Pauls are, but it was a pretty sweet guitar. The neck pickup was just fantastic. Got as close to a big jazz box tone as I've ever heard in a solidbody.

        As you might guess from my screen name, I'm a Tele guy. I do have a Strat that I would never part with, & if I ever went back to playing in a blues band, the Strat would be the choice. But the band I'm in now is predominantly a country band that also does some SRV, Skynryd, Black Crowes, Georgia Satellites, etc etc (your standard bar band stuff), so the Tele w/3 pickups gets the classic country twang, yet can scream when I want it to.

        Guitars are so ridiculously over-priced these days. I think the most beautiful guitar ever created is the Gretsch White Falcon model 6193 w/the Bigsby tailpiece. But I don't have $3-4k just layin around to get one. I have diapers, Pooh & Wiggles videos, Nike Shox (for the 14 yr old), & school stuff to buy.
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