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Denver Has Garrison Hearst Lions sign Brock Marion

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  • Denver Has Garrison Hearst Lions sign Brock Marion

    Garrison Hearst signs one year deal

    Brock MArion to Lions
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    Broncos used to have a plethora of talent at RB, now they are signing aging veterans for help. Oh TD where have you gone? :P


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      does anyone have espn insider?
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        Originally posted by JackSparrow@Mar 25 2004, 04:05 PM
        does anyone have espn insider?
        Yeah, why?

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        Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
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          Originally posted by 007+Mar 25 2004, 04:05 PM-->
          QUOTE (007 @ Mar 25 2004, 04:05 PM)

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          Originally posted by 007+Mar 25 2004, 04:05 PM-->
          QUOTE (007 @ Mar 25 2004, 04:05 PM)

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          Originally posted by JackSparrow+Mar 25 2004, 04:10 PM-->
          QUOTE (JackSparrow @ Mar 25 2004, 04:10 PM)
          Originally posted by [email protected] 25 2004, 04:05 PM

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          you can't cut and paste anything on ESPN Insider


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            Originally posted by Fishbone@Mar 25 2004, 04:13 PM
            you can't cut and paste anything on ESPN Insider
            There are ways.
            If you believe in something sacrifice a hobo to it or don't bother.


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                Originally posted by Fishbone@Mar 25 2004, 04:13 PM
                you can't cut and paste anything on ESPN Insider
                There's stuff pasted from there all the time on here.
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                  Originally posted by Turd Ferguson+Mar 25 2004, 05:13 PM-->
                  QUOTE (Turd Ferguson @ Mar 25 2004, 05:13 PM)

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                  I can never highlight anything on there


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                    Skins could turn to Harris; Rivers rising

                    By Scouts, Inc.
                    For ESPN Insider
                    Wednesday, March 24
                    Updated: March 24
                    3:29 PM ET

                    Editor's Note: Each week Scouts, Inc., takes a fresh look at projecting the draft's first two rounds. This week's update reflects the rising status of QB Philip Rivers and a potential change-up by the Washington Redskins at No. 5.

                    * = underclassman

                    First Round

                    1. San Diego Chargers
                    Eli Manning | QB | Ole Miss

                    Manning likely will go No. 1 overall, but it may not be to the Chargers. The Chargers will first look to shop this pick to the highest bidder in an attempt to secure extra picks and better address their many needs. If they can't trade out of this pick, they will have a difficult decision between Manning, Pittsburgh WR Larry Fitzgerald and Iowa OT Robert Gallery. In our opinion, Miami-Ohio's Ben Roethlisberger is the better overall quarterback prospect, but after the Ryan Leaf disaster, the Chargers would likely take Manning, who is widely considered the safer of the two. Trading David Boston makes the decision even tougher.

                    2. Oakland Raiders

                    Larry Fitzgerald* | WR | Pittsburgh
                    After Fitzgerald ran a 4.47 at 221 pounds at his recent Pro Day, the Raiders now have to be crossing their fingers in hopes that he gets past the first overall pick and falls to them at pick No. 2. If Fitzgerald does happen to be taken first, the Raiders would have to chose between Manning, USC WR Mike Williams or possibly even trading down to a team interested in drafting Manning.

                    3. Arizona Cardinals
                    Mike Williams* | WR | USC
                    Coach Dennis Green thinks enough of quarterback Josh McCown's physical tools that the team won't hesitate to trade down if given the right offer. While Roethlisberger would be an upgrade over McCown and is worth drafting this high, Green feels the team would be much better off drafting a top receiver or defensive lineman with this pick. Green would love Fitzgerald, his former ball boy with the Vikings, but if Fitzgerald goes in the top two picks, Green's choice will come down to Williams and Oklahoma DT Tommie Harris. If Williams runs in the 4.5s in his upcoming individual workout (April 6), he should be a top-five selection. If not, the Cardinals will either go with Harris or trade down a few spots in order to stockpile picks and still get a top receiver like Reggie Williams or defensive lineman like Kenechi Udeze.

                    4. New York Giants

                    Robert Gallery | OT | Iowa
                    The Giants would have an extremely difficult decision to make between Roethlisberger and Gallery. While Roethlisberger would be a terrific replacement for Kerry Collins, who recently turned 31 and is only under contract for next season, the Giants have a more pressing need along their offensive line, and Gallery is the "cleanest" player in the draft. Because Gallery's workouts were so impressive, and also because there's a big drop-off between him and other tackle prospects, such as Arkansas' Shawn Andrews and USC's Jacob Rogers, don't be surprised if a team like the Browns or Falcons try to jump ahead of the Giants in order to secure him. If that's the case, Roethlisberger would then make the most sense here.

                    5. Washington Redskins
                    Tommie Harris* | DT | Oklahoma
                    The Redskins should have their choice between three excellent players -- Harris, DS Sean Taylor and TE Kellen Winslow Jr. -- at three positions of need. We get the strong impression they are struggling between Harris and Winslow. Even after they signed Cornelius Griffin via free agency, the Redskins are still short a starting defensive tackle, and Harris is the best this class has to offer. Harris' effort and production were hit-and-miss for much of his sophomore and junior seasons, but he has Warren Sapp-like quickness and playmaking potential.

                    6. Detroit Lions
                    Sean Taylor* | S | Miami (Fla.)
                    The Lions would be content with either Taylor or Kellen Winslow Jr., and in our opinion, they'd get a steal if Taylor fell to them at the sixth overall pick. Taylor has the size of an outside linebacker and the coverage skills of a cornerback. He is exactly what an NFL team is looking for in terms of versatility, and he could have the biggest impact of any rookie in the 2004 NFL season. With the additions of DCs Dre Bly and Fernando Bryant the last two offseasons, the Lions would have one of the best secondaries in the NFL if they were to draft Taylor with this pick.

                    7. Cleveland Browns

                    Kellen Winslow Jr.* | TE | Miami (Fla.)
                    The Browns' biggest need lies on the offensive line; so don't be surprised if they trade up to secure Gallery. Their other two big needs are safety and tight end, so if either Taylor or Winslow Jr. fell to them with the seventh pick, they would be elated. Winslow Jr. has some obvious character and maturity concerns, but Butch Davis has a history with him after recruiting him out of high school, and the Browns certainly would be willing to take a chance on him considering their need to add a playmaking receiver at the position. Winslow Jr. would immediately become a favorite target for Jeff Garcia and would help free things up for WRs Andre Davis and Quincy Morgan.

                    8. Atlanta Falcons
                    Roy Williams | WR | Texas
                    Everyone seems to assume the Falcons would pass on Williams in order to draft the best available defensive lineman, but that might not be a wise assumption. The Falcons were able to address their defensive tackle need by signing free agent Rod Coleman, and they can definitely live with Patrick Kerney and Brady Smith as their starting ends in the new 4-3 scheme. Because it's entirely too high to draft OT Shawn Andrews, the Falcons likely will have to chose between Williams, DC DeAngelo Hall and DE Kenechi Udeze with this pick. In our opinion, Williams is the best value and would make the biggest impact as a rookie. Williams is just a notch below Mike Williams and Fitzgerald in terms of overall potential, and he is clearly the fastest of the three prospects, which would make him a great complement to Peerless Price.

                    9. Jacksonville Jaguars
                    Kenechi Udeze | DE | USC
                    The Jaguars would like to draft a receiver with this pick, but if Fitzgerald, Mike Williams and Roy Williams are all taken, Udeze would make a lot of sense considering he's the top player at the Jaguars' second-highest position of need. Udeze, who has an excellent combination of size, quickness and burst, shows the potential to develop into an every-down starter in the NFL sooner than later. He would be a terrific complement to Hugh Douglas and would help improve the overall pass-rushing production of the Jaguars' front-four.

                    10. Houston Texans
                    Vince Wilfork* | DT | Miami (Fla.)
                    The Texans addressed their need at defensive end by re-signing Gary Walker and adding Robaire Smith via free agency. However, Seth Payne has undergone three surgeries to repair the torn ACL that caused him to miss most of '03. Wilfork is a player on the rise right now after he showing terrific dedication in taking off and keeping off unnecessary weight in the past year. He would fit well with the Texans as a massive, two-gap nose tackle who not only excels at taking up space against the run but also shows enough quickness and athleticism to collapse the pocket from time to time as a pass rusher.

                    11. Pittsburgh Steelers
                    Ben Roethlisberger* | QB | Miami-Ohio
                    Cornerback, offensive tackle and quarterback are the Steelers' three top positions of need, and they'll likely have a choice between quality players at each of the three. If Roethlisberger is gone by the time they pick, we'd be surprised if the Steelers did not draft Virginia Tech DC DeAngelo Hall. However, it's starting to look like Roethlisberger could be the odd man out in the top-10 picks, and we can't imagine the Steelers passing on him if that's the case. Roethlisberger has the most complete set of physical tools of any quarterback in this year's draft class, and he also is a proven winner and leader. He would be a perfect long-term replacement for the aging Tommy Maddox.

                    12. New York Jets
                    DeAngelo Hall* | CB | Virginia Tech
                    The Jets are in great position to draft a top player at their biggest positions of need, including Hall at cornerback, Jonathan Vilma at linebacker and Reggie Williams at wide receiver. Of those three players, Hall is the highest-rated prospect, and after Antoine Winfield turned them down in free agency, the Jets seem to be most inclined to draft a cornerback here. The Jets are looking to play more man-to-man coverage next season, and Hall is the perfect fit because of his speed, playmaking skills and confidence.

                    13. Buffalo Bills

                    Philip Rivers | QB | North Carolina State
                    The Bills could draft a receiver such as Reggie Williams, a defensive end such as Will Smith or a cornerback such as Chris Gamble with this pick, but Rivers' draft status is skyrocketing, and now might be the right time to think about Drew Bledsoe's eventual replacement. With a strong showing at the Senior Bowl and at his recent individual workout, which simply helped cap a brilliant four-year college career, Rivers has overcome concerns about his funky throwing motion and has won over the hearts of several general managers and head coaches in the NFL. The gap between him, Manning and Roethlisberger seemingly shrinks with every passing day.

                    14. Chicago Bears
                    Reggie Williams* | WR | Washington
                    After addressing needs at running back (Thomas Jones) and offensive tackle (John Tait) via free agency, the Bears would like to draft a defensive tackle with this pick. The problem is, Randy Starks might be too much of a risk with the 14th overall pick. There are rumors about Chicago's interest in moving up a few spots to secure Wilfork. However, if they get stuck with their original selection (No. 14), and if Harris and Wilfork are both gone, the Bears could very easily draft a young blue-chip receiving prospect in Williams, who would make Rex Grossman's life as a first-year starter that much easier. After Mike Williams, Fitzgerald and Roy Williams, Reggie is clearly the next best talent at the wide receiver position. He lacks elite speed, but he is big, strong and polished, and he shows the potential to quickly develop into a No. 1 starter in the NFL.

                    15. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

                    Michael Clayton | WR | LSU
                    The Bucs would have a difficult decision between several defensive players, including DE Will Smith and LB Jonathan Vilma, but we get the feeling coach Jon Gruden is pushing hard to add a young offensive playmaker at the skill positions, and Clayton is his type of player. The Bucs addressed their need for speed with Joey Galloway, but Gruden needs more receivers with size, hands and toughness. Clayton is a big, polished receiver with adequate speed, good playmaking skills and terrific overall intangibles.

                    16. San Francisco 49ers

                    Chris Gamble | CB | Ohio State
                    After losing Terrell Owens, and with Tai Streets possibly ready to exit via free agency, the 49ers will be looking for a receiver with this pick. But if Fitzgerald, all three Williams' and Clayton are gone, the Niners will have to shift their focus to defense. DE Will Smith would be a strong possibility, but the Niners actually need a defensive tackle more than they do an end. After losing Jason Webster via free agency, the team is presently without a quality nickel cornerback, so if Gamble fell to them at pick No. 16, it would make a whole lot of sense to take a chance on him. Gamble will need a year as a sub-package cornerback to continue to improve his overall coverage ability, and he would get that in San Francisco behind Ahmed Plummer and Mike Rumph. Gamble's recognition skills and overall technique need the most improving, but he has terrific potential because of his rare overall athleticism.

                    17. Cincinnati Bengals
                    Dunta Robinson | CB | Sout Carolina
                    The Bengals will focus on defense, with a special emphasis on tackle, end and corner. After losing both of their starting corners from last season, it seems cornerback has moved to the top of their needs list. Robinson has good size, strength and tackling skills. He moved from safety to corner in '03 and continues to improve in coverage. Robinson is not only one of the most polished cornerbacks in this class, but outside of Hall, he could be the fastest.

                    18. New Orleans Saints
                    Will Poole | CB | USC
                    Fred Thomas, Dale Carter and Ashley Ambrose all are on the downsides of their careers, and the Saints are desperate for speed, youth and playmaking skills at the cornerback position. Poole, a transfer from Boston College, quickly emerged as a premier corner for the Trojans. He has good size, great speed and exceptional ball skills. He also is one of this class' most physical cornerbacks and won't back away from mixing it up vs. the run.

                    19. Minnesota Vikings
                    Will Smith | DE | Ohio State
                    The Vikings addressed their need at cornerback in free agency with Antoine Winfield, so they would be ecstatic if Smith fell to them here. With last year's top pick, Kevin Williams, moving inside to tackle, the Vikings still are in search of a fulltime starter at end, and Smith has the potential to become exactly that. He lacks explosive speed, but he is big, quick, tough, strong and technically sound.

                    20. Miami Dolphins
                    Shawn Andrews* | OT | Arkansas
                    By trading for A.J. Feeley and David Boston, the Dolphins can now address their most glaring need (offensive line) here. If Andrews slips to them at 20, which he could as a result of character and weight concerns, the Dolphins would almost have to take a chance on him.

                    21. New England Patriots (from Baltimore)
                    Steven Jackson* | RB | Oregon State
                    Jackson would be the perfect fit, but after his strong workout the Patriots may need to package a couple of their seven picks in the first four rounds in order to get him. Right now, Jackson grades out as an early- to mid-first-round prospect, so the Patriots likely would need to move up to the 10-15 range in order to secure him. They are looking for a versatile back who not only can carry the load late in the season but also can contribute as a receiver out of the backfield, and Jackson is all of that. He has emerged as the top running back in this year's class and, as a result, there probably will be a bidding war for him in the middle of the first round.

                    22. Dallas Cowboys

                    Kevin Jones* | RB | Virginia Tech
                    The Cowboys will be looking for the best available player at running back or along the defensive line, and Jones, despite running a couple of pedestrian 40 times at his recent Pro Day, is the highest rated player left on our board at those three positions. Jones needs to continue to improve his hands as a receiver, but he is the most explosive of the three possible first round back prospects -- Steven Jackson and Chris Perry -- and he would be a huge upgrade immediately for the Cowboys.

                    23. Seattle Seahawks
                    Randy Starks* | DT | Maryland
                    The Seahawks would feel like they won the lottery if Starks fell to them at pick No. 23. And because DT is such a glaring need, don't be surprised if they trade up a few spots in order to nab Starks between picks 18-22. Starks' play was inconsistent this past season, which is why his stock has slipped a bit, but he has very good athleticism for a 300-pound defensive tackle, and his value is sure to increase the closer we get to draft day. If Starks is gone by the time Seattle picks, however, the Seahawks likely will draft ILB Jonathan Vilma as their new starting middle linebacker.

                    24. Denver Broncos
                    Jonathan Vilma | ILB | Miami-Fla.
                    TE Ben Troupe and WR Lee Evans would be strong considerations for the Broncos with this pick, but Vilma is the highest rated of the three prospects. He also could make the biggest impact of the three as a first-year starter at "weakside" linebacker if the Broncos do, in fact, allow Ian Gold to get away in free agency. Vilma is the top-rated linebacker in this class with a terrific combination of athleticism, instincts and toughness.

                    25. Green Bay Packers
                    Antwan Odom* | DE | Alabama
                    Unless Rivers happens to fall all the way to this spot, the Packers will go in a different direction. They have needs all throughout their defense that must be addressed in order to seriously contend for a Super Bowl title in Brett Favre's final couple of seasons. The problem the Packers face with this pick is that they can reach for an end like Odom or a defensive back like UCLA's Matt Ware, but they might be better off drafting an outside linebacker such as D.J. Williams. Odom has a lot of upside, because of his pass rushing skills, quickness, athleticism and big frame, but he's a risky pick in the first round, because he hasn't filled out and needs to become stronger and tougher.

                    26. St. Louis Rams
                    Ben Troupe | TE | Florida
                    The Rams would have an extremely difficult decision between reaching for need and drafting for luxury. After letting Grant Wistrom go via free agency, addressing the defensive end position has become the top priority, but the Rams would have to reach for an end such as Marquise Hill or Jason Babin. The Rams will need to think long and hard about not drafting an end, especially considering they don't have a second-round pick, but if they go with Troupe he could add quite a dynamic dimension to their offense. Existing starter Brandon Manumaleuna is an excellent blocker and solid short-to-intermediate pass catcher, but Troupe would provide a deep element at the position that Mike Martz could really use to exploit defenses. Troupe emerged as the nation's top senior tight end after splitting time with Aaron Walker (49ers) the past two seasons. He still has room to bulk up and get stronger, but his athleticism, speed and pass-catching ability should allow him to make an immediate impact in the NFL.

                    27. Tennessee Titans
                    Darnell Dockett | DT | Florida State
                    With Robaire Smith and Jevon Kearse departing via free agency, the Titans are in desperate need of defensive line help and are likely to draft the best available with this pick. Dockett would be a little bit of a reach late in the first round, but he seems to have gotten past his character issues, and his dominating performance at the Senior Bowl could lead to the Titans taking a chance on him here.

                    28. Philadelphia Eagles
                    Jake Grove | OC | Virginia Tech
                    Initially we had the Eagles taking a wide receiver with this pick. Now that the league has come to a settlement that sends Terrell Owens to Philadelphia, the Eagles will shift their focus to the offensive line, where depth and potential starters are needed both at guard and center, or cornerback after losing both Bobby Taylor and Troy Vincent via free agency. Grove and Miami OG Vernon Carey carry similar late-first-round grades, but Grove has the potential to start at either center or guard in the NFL, and that type of versatility might make him the smarter pick for the Eagles.

                    29. Indianapolis Colts
                    D.J. Willliams | OLB | Miami (Fla.)
                    The Colts still have several needs on the defensive side of the ball, including cornerback and outside linebacker after letting Marcus Washington go in free agency. Williams is the top outside linebacker prospect in this class, and he would be a solid value if he fell to Indy at the 29th overall pick. His athleticism is a perfect fit for Tony Dungy's scheme, and he has loads of upside if he continues to improve.

                    30. Kansas City Chiefs
                    Matt Ware | DC | UCLA
                    The Chiefs must address defense here, preferably with a lineman or cornerback. They could package some picks to move up and get one of the top players at either of those positions. But with multiple needs, their best bet might be to draft the top-rated cornerback on their board, which could be Ware, Tusculum's Ricardo Colclough, Oklahoma's Derrick Strait or Arkansas' Ahmad Carroll. All of the aforementioned carry early second-round grades, but with the 30th pick overall, the Chiefs can afford to reach a little bit with their first pick. Ware is a 'tweener DC/DS prospect who is athletic enough and has enough speed to make it as a press man-to-man cover corner in the NFL. He would benefit from a year as a nickel cornerback with the Chiefs, but we think he eventually can develop into a fine starter in an aggressive scheme like the one the Chiefs want to use.

                    31. Carolina Panthers
                    Vernon Carey | OG | Miami-Fla.
                    The Panthers have needs at cornerback, outside linebacker, guard and wide receiver, and legitimate options at each position may be available here. WR Lee Evans would be tough to pass on with this pick, but if the Panthers are going to continue to dominate the line of scrimmage on the offensive side of the football with a power running attack, drafting a big, mauling guard like Carey might be the wiser decision.

                    32. New England Patriots
                    Karlos Dansby | OLB | Auburn
                    If they take Jackson (or any running back for that matter) with their first pick, the Patriots will turn their attention to linebacker, nose tackle and offensive line. The Patriots also could draft a receiver, but they're looking for one with size, which is why we think they could pass on Evans with this pick. Dansby played outside at Auburn, but he has the size to move inside in the Patriots 3-4 scheme. He still has room to improve in terms of his recognition skills and overall consistency, but his athleticism and speed make him an intriguing late-first round prospect. Dansby and Bruschi would give the Patriots terrific range, toughness and versatility at the position.

                    Second Round

                    33. Arizona Cardinals
                    Marcus Tubbs | DT | Texas
                    Don't rule Michigan RB Chris Perry out, especially considering Emmitt Smith is likely on his way out of Arizona. But improving the interior of their defensive line is a much higher priority, and Tubbs would be a solid value in the second round. His impressive combination of size, power and quickness make him a risk worth taking.

                    34. N.Y. Giants
                    J.P. Losman | QB | Tulane
                    The Giants have bigger needs along their defensive line, at safety and at linebacker, but if a possible first-round QB talent fell to them in the second round, they couldn't pass up the opportunity.

                    35. San Diego Chargers
                    Lee Evans | WR | Wisconsin
                    If things play out this way, the Chargers would have to feel pretty good about adding Manning and Evans with their first two picks. Evans likely will be taken in the first round, but if he does slip this far -- due to character and durability concerns -- the Chargers would be crazy not to select him. Evans has the type of explosive speed to stretch defenses and open things up for RB Ladainian Tomlinson.

                    36. Detroit Lions

                    Chris Perry | RB | Michigan
                    After solidifying their secondary with Taylor in the first round, the Lions will be in the market for a running back and tight end in the second round. Perry would be an excellent value with the 36th overall pick.

                    37. Cleveland Browns
                    Jacob Rogers | OT | USC
                    Offensive tackle is actually the Browns' No. 1 need, but it will take until the second round to find the right value. Rogers isn't an elite prospect, but he has the all-around tools to develop into a solid starting left tackle.

                    38. Atlanta Falcons
                    Ricardo Colclough | CB | Tusculum
                    After drafting a complement for Peerless Price and a weapon for Michael Vick in WR Roy Williams with their first pick, the Falcons will need to shift their focus to the defensive side of the ball, and Colclough would be a good fit. The D-II standout has a lot of upside and might have been a first-round pick if he didn't pull his hamstring while running the 40 at the combine.

                    39. Jacksonville Jaguars

                    Rashaun Woods | WR | Oklahoma State
                    After he ran in the high 4.4s at his individual workout, the Jaguars would be elated if Woods fell to them with the 39th overall selection.

                    40. Houston Texans
                    Daryl Smith | ILB | Georgia Tech
                    After bolstering their defensive line in the first round, the Texans will look to draft a linebacker or defensive back with this pick. Smith is an instinctive, athletic, versatile and tough linebacker prospect who could get drafted late in the first round after his solid showing at his recent Pro Day. The Texans likely would move Smith outside in their 3-4 scheme.

                    41. Denver Broncos (from Washington)
                    Ben Watson | TE | Georgia
                    If the Broncos go with Vilma in the first round, they could very easily use their second-round pick on a tight end. Watson, . the fastest of this year's crop, is the next best behind Winslow Jr. and Troupe.

                    42. Tennessee Titans (from NY Jets)
                    Jason Babin | DE | Western Michigan
                    Babin was terrifically productive throughout his career at the mid-major D-I level and his impressive workout numbers have also helped to improve his stock. After losing DE Jevon Kearse, the Titans certainly could use Babin's speed and pass rushing skills.

                    43. Buffalo Bills
                    Michael Jenkins | WR | Ohio State
                    The Bills need to add a receiver who can take attention away from Josh Reed and Eric Moulds in their three-receiver sets, and Jenkins, despite only decent speed, adds a vertical element because of his ability to make plays in jump-ball situations.

                    44. Pittsburgh Steelers
                    Derrick Strait | DC | Oklahoma
                    If the Steelers take a chance on Roethlisberger with their first-round pick, they need to draft a potential starting cornerback in the second round, and Strait, despite his lack of blazing speed, would be a great value with the 44th pick.

                    45. Oakland Raiders (from Tampa Bay)
                    Teddy Lehman, OLB, Oklahoma
                    Considering the team's move to a 3-4 defense, drafting a proven and productive outside linebacker like Lehman would be a smart choice. Lehman could also help bring back some of the toughness that was lost when Bill Romanowski went down last season.

                    46. San Francisco 49ers
                    Donnell Washington* | DT | Clemson
                    After drafting a CB in the first round, the Niners will be looking for defensive line help. Washington is one of the biggest "boom or bust" prospects in this year's draft, but his physical tools are rare, and if he builds on his last season at Clemson, he could be an impact player for a team that still needs to improve its overall quickness and athleticism up front on defense.

                    47. Chicago Bears
                    Dwan Edwards | DT | Oregon State
                    If the Bears go with a receiver in the first round, they will need to draft a potential starting defensive tackle in the second. They'll likely have their choice between Edwards and Oregon's Igor Olshansky. Olshansky has more upside, but Edwards is the safer pick and is ready to play now.

                    48. New Orleans Saints
                    Michael Boulware | OLB | Florida State
                    The Saints are looking to improve the speed and athleticism of their linebacking corps, and while Boulware still needs to get bigger and stronger, he certainly is the right fit to help accomplish that goal.

                    49. Cincinnati Bengals
                    Igor Olshansky* | DT | Oregon State
                    After drafting a cornerback in the first round and failing to sign Warren Sapp, the Bengals need to use this pick on the best available defensive tackle. Olshansky has had as good a postseason as anyone in this draft. He is still unpolished, but his combination of size, speed, strength and athleticism make him worth the risk.

                    50. Minnesota Vikings
                    Sean Jones* | FS | Georgia
                    The Vikings' high interception total at the safety position early last year was an aberration, because Brian Russell is not a solid starter. If they can improve their pass rush with an end like Smith, then draft a ball-hawking centerfielder type like Jones, the Vikings entire defense will be much improved in 2004.

                    51. Baltimore Ravens
                    Devery Henderson | WR | LSU
                    After losing out on Owens, the Ravens are back to the drawing board at the wide receiver position. They were, however, quietly one of the happiest teams in the NFL when Mike Williams decided to enter the draft, because it made their biggest position of need stronger. Henderson is still a work in progress, but he possesses the speed the Ravens are looking for at WR, as well as in their kick-return game.

                    52. Dallas Cowboys
                    Isaac Sopoaga | DT | Hawaii
                    The Cowboys need to draft a big, physical, space-eating defensive tackle in order to better complement La'Roi Glover. The 317-pound Sapoago fits the bill and grades out as a solid second-round prospect.

                    53. Seattle Seahawks
                    Dontarrious Thomas | ILB | Auburn
                    Thomas had somewhat of a disappointing senior season, but he still has a terrific combination of size and speed, which might make him worth the risk for a Seahawks' team that desperately needs to upgrade its middle linebacker position.

                    54. Denver Broncos

                    Greg Jones | RB | Florida State
                    The Broncos have an obvious need at the position, and while they don't want to spend their first-round pick on a running back, they certainly could stomach using their second of two second-round picks on Jones.

                    55. Green Bay Packers
                    Robert Sanders | S | Iowa
                    With Antuan Edwards coming off a season-ending injury and Marques Anderson failing to step up, the Packers may be looking for a safety on Day 1. Sanders may look undersized, but he doesn't play like it.

                    56. New England Patriots (from Miami)
                    Ahmad Carroll* | DC | Arkansas
                    If Ty Law is gone, which is looking more and more likely, the need to draft a cornerback -- or a free safety in order to move Eugene Wilson back to cornerback -- increases greatly. Carroll has great toughness and good speed. He would be a terrific value this late in the second round.

                    57. Tennessee Titans
                    Travelle Wharton | OT | South Carolina
                    Wharton is a shorter tackle prospect, but the Titans have never emphasized height. After addressing needs along the defensive line with their first two picks, the Titans will be looking for depth along their offensive line. Wharton might be a perfect fit, because he potentially could play either tackle or guard, and he has the versatility to back up both spots as a rookie.

                    58. Philadelphia Eagles
                    Jeremy LeSeuer | DC | Michigan
                    The Eagles lost both their starting cornerbacks -- Troy Vincent and Bobby Taylor -- in free agency. Even though they drafted two young cornerbacks two years ago -- Sheldon Brown and Lito Sheppard -- they still aren't convinced either is going to become a great full-time starter, and they also have a concern about depth at the position. LeSeuer is a big cornerback, much in the mold of Vincent and Taylor. He would be a great value and fit with the 58th pick overall.

                    59. Indianapolis Colts
                    Chad Lavalais | DT | LSU
                    After drafting an outside linebacker in the first round, the Colts will be looking for a cornerback or defensive lineman in the second. Lavalais is a fringe second-round pick who wouldn't fit in a lot of systems, because of his lack of size. But he is one of the quickest and most athletic defensive tackles in this year's class, and he would fit perfectly in Dungy's scheme.

                    60. New Orleans Saints (from St. Louis)
                    Stuart Schweigert | DS | Purdue
                    The Saints already drafted a cornerback and an outside linebacker in order to address their top two needs, so Schweigert makes a lot of sense with this pick. He may not start as a rookie, but he would play in sub-packages and on special teams. Schweigert eventually could develop into a starter for the Saints, and he also would give them a missing element of playmaking ability on passing downs.

                    61. Kansas City Chiefs
                    Marquise Hill* | DE | LSU
                    After addressing their most glaring need by drafting a cornerback in the first round, the Chiefs will look to add a defensive end in the second. Hill doesn't have the speed to provide the pass-rushing production the Chiefs are missing, but he has the size and strength to upgrade their run defense. He also could help keep Vonnie Holiday fresh, which in turn should lead to more pressure from the veteran end.

                    62. Carolina Panthers
                    Ernest Wilford | WR | Virginia Tech
                    After running poorly at his Pro Day, there's a good chance Wilford will slip to the third round. However, for a team looking for a big possession receiver to upgrade over Muhsin Muhammad in order to better complement the shorter but extremely quick and fast Steve Smith, Wilford is worth taking with this pick.

                    63. New England Patriots
                    Junior Siavii | DT | Oregon
                    There are some other defensive tackles who grade out higher than Siavii, but he is a fast-rising prospect that is the type of wide-bodied nose tackle the Patriots will be looking for as a replacement for departed Ted Washington (Raiders).

                    Here ya go...

                    "Can't buy what I want because it's free...
                    Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
                    -- Pearl Jam, from the single Corduroy


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                      Nice move by the Broncos. Hearst is still pretty productive, averaging 4.4 a carry last year, and he's by far the best pass-protecting running back in the league. Plus, he knows the West Coast Offense that Shanahan uses. Hearst and Quentin Griffin will be a nice duo.


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