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Probe may force DeLay to step down

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  • Probe may force DeLay to step down

    WASHINGTON, March 25 (UPI) -- House Republican leader Tom DeLay of Texas is reportedly discussing temporarily stepping down from his post if he is indicted.

    A Texas grand jury is investigating him for alleged campaign finance abuses.

    Roll Call reported Thursday the conservative majority leader has begun quiet discussions with a handful of colleagues about the possibility, which would be required under Republican conference rules.

    Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle, a Democrat, has been conducting an investigation into whether Texans for a Republican Majority, a non-profit group and related political action committee with ties to DeLay, broke Texas law during the 2002 state legislative elections by using corporate donations.

    If indicted, DeLay would be allowed to return to his leadership post if cleared of the charges, reduced to a non-felony, or if they were dismissed by the court.

    DeLay has denied any wrongdoing, decrying the inquiry as a politically motivated witch hunt.

    House Republicans argue that the move is an act of vengeance following the successful GOP redistricting effort in the state, which was lead by DeLay.


    Mr. G

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    Sheesh. Aren't there ANY honest politicians anymore?


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      Un-Official Sponsor of Randy Choate and Kevin Siegrist


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        couldn't happen to a nicer guy
        The Dude abides.


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          I wouldn't want to be probed either.
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            A probe would probably force me to beat someone's ass! :o