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FYI: Van Halen to reunite and tour

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  • FYI: Van Halen to reunite and tour

    It's true.

    Just wanted to drop you lovers of VH a note in case you haven't heard the news.

    Not certain if a new CD is in the works (probably is), but the boys are scheduled to tour this summer according to recent reports.

    Bygones, for the time being anyway, are bygones, I guess. And somewhere, DLR is cursing Eddie and Alex, and threatening to kick them in the puss with a flying wheel kick, all while wearing colorful and clingly spandex and "lookin' good."
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    David Lee Roth is so strung out right now, he has no idea where he's at, much less who's the lead singer of Van Halen right now...

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      I love Eddie and Alex and the red rocker is fine, but VH isn't the same band without DLR fronting.
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        Sammy speaks:

        David Lee Roth called an asshole? A has-been? A man who doesn’t keep his word?

        And the funny thing is, it’s not Eddie or Alex Van Halen saying that. The bearer of those words is none other than Diamond Dave’s recent touring mate and ex-Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar. Funny how there’s always a negative Van Halen shadow that follows David Lee Roth…

        Anyhow, Sammy "I Can’t Drive 55" Hagar has been butting heads with Roth so much on the Sammy Hagar And David Lee Roth Tour 2002: Song For Song, The Heavyweight Champs Of Rock And Roll that he recently told "Roth will never tour with me again." Plus, surf on over to and you’ll read the Red Rocker going off about Diamond Dave’s bad performances and bad hair. "The guy’s a [bleep]hole," says Hagar. "He will never go on tour with me again. He's gonna have to draw a crowd on his own." Here are some other choice quotes:

        "He's not a man of his word. Dave came to me because no one wanted to book him by himself, because he's such a flake and he has such a bad reputation. But I just can't work with him anymore.

        "His voice is not too good. You sit there and go, 'I just saw a guy who was half the singer and half the performer he used to be, who spray-paints his hair on before he goes on stage and still acts like he's in Van Halen in 1982!'... It's a joke to me, it's like Liberace or something."

        And now for the biggest blow, Hagar disses the golden mane that is one of Diamond Dave’s trademarks:

        "We were all on the same plane to go to a show in Dallas and Dave's hair was brown underneath his hat. The night of the show it was raving platinum. I'd hate to be there when he puts that thing on."


        Hagar and Roth have both traded unpleasantries for years before making a truce to set out on a show-stopping tour that criss-crossed the States, raking in some big bucks for the aging rockers. But Roth’s prima donna behaviour and stealing of the spotlight during Van Halen’s heyday (not to mention those really loud spandex pants he used to wear), which forced the others in the band to despise him and boot him out, all came back in full force. Both were supposed to finish the tour September 2 at Jones Beach, but Roth vetoed it and that was the last straw for Hagar.

        "It was always a great audience and it was a great rock and roll show," Hagar said. "If it wasn't for that, I would have put him back in nightclubs were he belongs."

        And what does Diamond Dave think of all this? Well, we don’t know. He’s since disappeared with no comment to the allegations, with some rumours finding him in Las Vegas, others putting him in hideouts in Los Angeles. Even his own website, that has half-naked dancing girls in the intro, is oblivious to the news, not having been updated for months. But if you do come across his path, be sure to tell him that we’d like to hear his scruffy and snarky rebuttal to Sammy Hagar. Oh, and don’t make fun of his hair please
        I agree with Davhaf.....Kaiser March 9,2004

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          Van Halen to reunite and tour, Sorry DLR fans, but Sammy is the man
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            I heard they are appearing at Delmar Gardens in August.
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              I prefered DLR back in the day but man he is way out there now. It would be much better with Sammy. They are coming to St Louis and Kansas City
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                Originally posted by Guppy@Mar 24 2004, 11:48 AM
                I prefered DLR back in the day but man he is way out there now. It would be much better with Sammy. They are coming to St Louis and Kansas City
                They were the first sell out @ Riverport back when it opened in 1991....

                And one of the reasons why all the cups and plates are no longer flammable as there were bonfires everywhere!

                Not a bad evening to have on the nite before you start highschool, eh?

                "Can't buy what I want because it's free...
                Can't buy what I want because it's free..."
                -- Pearl Jam, from the single Corduroy