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China suspends human rights talks with US

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  • China suspends human rights talks with US


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    "If the United States is bent on stirring up confrontation in such an arena, the Chinese side is not afraid," Kong told a news conference, referring to the annual session of the Geneva-based U.N. Human Rights Commission.

    "We will keep the United States company to the end," Kong said. "Justice will eventually defeat confrontation
    US trade deficit with China $140 billion dollars, and projected to reach $340 billion in 5 years. Good luck negotiating with China!
    Norman Chad, syndicated columnist: “Sports radio, reflecting our sinking culture, spends entire days advising managers and coaches, berating managers and coaches, firing managers and coaches and searching the countryside for better middle relievers. If they just redirected their energy toward, say, crosswalk-signal maintenance, America would be 2 percent more livable.”

    "The best argument against democracy," someone (Churchill?) said, "is a five minute conversation with the average voter."