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    Is this guy/gal serious? The formatting sucks, so you might want to click the link.


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    Posted: 21 Mar 2004 12:33 pm



    To ALL:

    Enclosed is an attached letter that I was forced to write to the U.S.
    Congress because of a harassment complaint that the FBI and the police
    have ignored over the past 3 and 1/2 years. The harassment is in
    regards to the Italian Mafia and the Freemasons and explains in detail
    the reasons for the numerous scandals propagated on the television over the past 3 and 1/2 years, e.g., the Martha Stewart Scandal, the homosexual marriages, the 9/11 attacks, the Presidential Election Scandal of 2000, etc. This letter was originally written and sent to the Pope and every U.S. cardinal (except Cardinal Rigali) in October of 2003. Although this message was originally intended for Catholic priests who accepted bribes for their participation, however, it was later re-edited for the U.S. Congress. The following message was addressed to Senator Frist from Tennesse:

    Dear Senator Frist:

    The purpose of this letter is to notify you of the bribing of
    politicians by members of the Italian Mafia and the Freemasons. My
    name is "X" and I am currently a resident
    of St. Louis, Missouri. In regards to an event that occurred in the United
    States in St. Louis on September of 2000, this letter
    addresses my present situation and its impact on the U.S.
    political system.

    To understand my current dilemma, I must first begin with the events
    that precipitated my present situation. On one particular evening
    in St. Louis, Missouri in early 1999, I attended a lounge where a
    talent scout approached me with a business proposition. She advised
    me to move to New York City to work in the fashion industry. After
    much deliberation, I decided to pursue the proposed opportunity.
    After working for a reputable agency for one year, I came to learn
    that the industry was associated with prostitution and pornography.

    I returned to St. Louis, Missouri in September of 2000 where one evening I attended the same lounge where the talent scout approached me. After deliberating about my future career, I decided to quit working in the fashion industry. As soon as I rejected the idea of working in the
    industry, a man from the Italian mafia approached me and offered me a
    job to continue working. I respectfully declined his offer, however,
    the man refused to take "no" for an answer.

    To punish me for saying "no," the man and his fellow gang members
    planned ahead of schedule by coercing my family, friends, and loose
    acquaintances to attend the lounge. They proceeded to threaten,
    bribe, rape, and terrorize them. I notified the police and the
    Federal Bureau of Investigation (the F.B.I.) the very next morning,
    however they neglected to respond to my complaint. I later learned that the reason why the law officials were unresponsive was because they had accepted bribes. For the ensuing three weeks, I was forced to return to the lounge where numerous propositions were made.

    They proceeded to act out my thoughts by means of a psychic
    (presumably by means of Masonic or Illuminati Satanic witchcraft), whichwas the cause of them bribing, raping, and degrading numerous people (including celebrities who were forced to attend the lounge in their attempt to exercise precise control over every one of my imaginable thoughts). When I discovered that they were acting out my thoughts by using a psychic, I realized that they were also responsible for the producing of several of my ideas in the past, since 1998 (prior to
    September of 2000, I thought that the producing of my personal ideas
    was somehow linked to my discussions with friends). In an attempt to
    prevent any further raping or terrorizing of families, friends, and celebrities, I proceeded to offer numerous profitable ideas for the television, magazine, radio, businesses, and other industries.
    They agreed to use my ideas in exchange for the terrorizing of family
    and friends, however, they decided to use my thoughts not only during
    the three-week period while I was forced to visit the lounge, but also
    for the ensuing years until the undisclosed time when they said they
    would let me go in the future.

    The repercussions of the event that occurred in St. Louis, Missouri in
    September of 2000 have resulted to numerous scandals in the United
    States and in the world. In the book, "To the Priests, Our Lady's
    Beloved Sons" the Blessed Virgin says that the "television is the idol
    spoken of in the book of Revelation, built to be adored by all the
    nations of the earth, and to which the Evil One gives shape and
    movement so that it might become, in his hands, a terrible means of
    seduction and perversion" (pg. 551). The most notable scandals that
    resulted from the mafia using my thoughts include the following:

    The Presidential Recall Election of 2000, the September 11th attacks
    on the World Trade Center (2,792 deaths), the resulting Afghanistan
    and Iraq wars (over 7,000 deaths), the fraudulent demise of two major
    Fortune 500 Corporations "Enron" and "Arthur Anderson," Germany and
    France's abstinence from the United States War on Terrorism, over 25
    television sitcoms containing violence, crime, and explicit sexual
    content, the legalization of homosexual sodomy in the state of Texas,
    the electricity "black-outs" in the cities of New York City and Rome,
    Italy, the nightclub stampedes in Chicago and Rhode Island
    (117 deaths), the NASA space shuttle explosion in 2002 (7 deaths) [ALSO INCLUDED ARE THE HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGES IN the U.S.].

    In addition to the aforementioned events, the most notable was the U.S.
    priesthood sex-abuse scandal, which originated because of an already
    accused priest being accused in the news from the Archdiocese of
    Boston. As the Italian mafia proceeded to use every one of my ideas,
    this particular thought was designed to create a nation-wide
    persecution of priests. The exact words used by the mafia when they
    decided to use my one thought to scandalize the priests were, "That
    one is going to happen too." Presently, the priesthood sex scandal is
    the worst scandal ever to affect the Catholic Church in all her
    history. In a recent locution given to the priest, Father Stefano
    Gobbi, the Blessed Virgin says, "The worst of all persecutions
    heretofore unknown is on the verge of scandalizing the Church" (To the
    Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons). One can only assume that this
    scandal was the priesthood sex-abuse scandal.

    Other recent thoughts used to scandalize Christians include the book,
    "How to Be a Homosexual Christian," and the first Episcopalian
    homosexual bishop. One week after thinking of these ideas, I learned
    that the Protestant denominations had accepted these scandals and,
    consequently were in the public eye for entertainment, ridicule, and
    persecution. Additionally, these compromises by the Protestant
    churches have resulted to tremendous controversy, strife, and division
    that are the underlying causes for a possible future schism.

    Given the consequences of the scandals in the Churches, since the
    scandals were allowed by the Government agencies (the FBI, CIA,
    police, and politicians) one can only foresee the same consequences
    happening to the U.S. political system in the near future. Speaking
    from my experience, the accepting of gifts and bribes only leads to
    apostasy, division, and discord. Accordingly, the same consequences
    are expected when politicians accept bribes from sources of the
    Italian mafia or the Masons. From what I have perceived thus far, the
    U.S. government is being handed over by its very own elected officials
    to its executioners.

    Because the Italian mafia and the Freemasons are associated with each
    other (the founder of the Italian mafia, Guiseppi Mazzini, was a 33rd
    degree Freemason; World Underworld, pg. 58, Museum Press, London 1957) and since the task of Masonry is "to lead souls to perdition," one can only assume that the Masons are equally responsible for the scandals propagated on the television and in the media. Proof for the
    Freemasons collaborating with the Italian mafia rests upon the fact
    that former U.S. Presidents, Bill Clinton and George Bush Senior
    (both Masons), attended the lounge in September of 2000 (current
    President George W. Bush was also present). These prominent world
    leaders shared in the responsibility for the allowing of numerous
    scandals propagated on the television since September of 2000.

    While the Italian mafia, the Masons, and the Illuminati continue using
    my ideas, I am concerned with any future plans of them using
    my thoughts to further bribe, corrupt, and scandalize the government
    politicians. In light of the events that have taken place thus far, I
    can only emphasize the importance of rejecting any favors or bribes
    from sources such as the Italian mafia or the Masons. In social
    psychology, a situation arises when a giver of a gift establishes a relationship with the recipient. According to the reciprocity norm, when recipients of favors cannot reciprocate they are likely to feel demeaned
    and threatened. This feeling, in turn, only creates an obligation to
    return the favor. In the case with politicians who accept gifts or
    bribes from sources such as the Italian mafia, this psychological
    state of obligation only puts the politician at the mercy of the

    Because the acceptance of bribes will only lead to the further
    scandalizing of the U.S. Government, I only hope and pray that the Lord
    that will grant you the ability to prevent this problem from
    reoccurring in the future. If you have any questions or comments,
    please feel free to contact me at my email address,
    [email protected]. In the meantime, thank you for your
    attention with this matter.

    Not included in this message is the recent terrorism threat on all
    airline flights leaving Los Angeles, CA to Paris, France. As already
    mentioned in the above letter, the mafia and the Masons are using the
    television and media to harass me as part of their agreement. The reason for these "terrorist threats" is because my sister who lives in Los Angeles is flying to Paris, France for New Years Eve. Hence, the mafia and the Masons decided to propagate this additional scandal to harass me. Also recall from the above
    letter that France was involved in the scandal that originated in September of 2000 at the club in St. Louis, Missouri.


    BTW, because I am monitored 24-7 by a Masonic/Illuminati psychic,
    please do not respond to this letter.

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    Also, by "the lounge," they don't mean this place....DO THEY?


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      Glen must be posting over there now :rolleyes:
      Go Cards ...12 in 13.


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        Looks like Betty may be in need of the services of Dr. Venkman, et al.

        (Sidebar: Anyone else have the image of Betty as the old lady from Sylvester and Tweety?)
        " Look, forget the myths the media's created about the White House--the truth is, these are not very bright guys, and things got out of hand."


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          Originally posted by _STLfan_in_DFW@Mar 22 2004, 09:09 PM
          Looks like Betty may be in need of the services of Dr. Venkman, et al.

          (Sidebar: Anyone else have the image of Betty as the old lady from Sylvester and Tweety?)
          With tatoos.
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            And a pierced belly button.
            Damn these electric sex pants!

            26+31+34+42+44+46+64+67+82+06 = 10

            Bring back the death penalty for corporations!


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              that's what's the gist of it?
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                Originally posted by bigJOE@Mar 23 2004, 12:19 AM
                that's what's the gist of it?
                keep it down, TROLL!
                . . . and to tell you this: I work with gays, have friends who are gay, go to church with gays. Most of them are aware that I believe that homosexual behavior is sin. Some of them actually agree. Most don't. It's OK . . . because they also know or at least have been made aware of my multitude of sins: adulterous heart, lustful and covetous behavior, wicked pride, angry spirit . . . do I need to go on?
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