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House of Dreams on A&E tonight

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  • House of Dreams on A&E tonight

    House of Dreams has been one of my favorite reality shows this year. If you haven't watched it, it is on A&E at 10:00p CT tonight. Its about 16 people that build a house bottom to top in Florida, and each week one person is eliminated until the last person gets the house. Anyone watch it? Thoughts?

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    I guess i´m gonna be the only one watching it tonight......


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      how do they get eliminated?

      what are the tasks?

      explain the show a little
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        The show started about a 2 months ago.

        16 people started the show. Regulars joe smoe´s like us. They all helped build a home down in Florida. Bottom to top. Every couple of days, one person gets eliminated, and that person is picked by the whole group. The person who is the last one standing or wins gets to keep the house, and several fine cars and furniture to go with the house. The interesting thing about the show is that some of the people are real down on their luck, real needy people that could use the home. Some are former attorneys and real assholes that shouldn´t really get the home because they would be least deserving of the group of individuals. Part of the game is for the players to band together and try to eliminate who they think would be their best competition. So far, a homeless guy, a waiter, and a retired teacher have all been ousted before an attorney, juggler, and at'risk counselor have (who says if he wins, he will give the house to one of his families on his caseload, what a lying bastard) It is on at 10:00p tonight if you are interested in watching. Their are five people left.