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Sutter / Oliwa Get Some Vacation Time

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  • Sutter / Oliwa Get Some Vacation Time

    Good for the NHL. This neanderthal type behavior is one of the many problems facing the league and it's nice to see them trying to do something about it.

    NEW YORK -- Calgary Flames coach-general manager Darryl Sutter and forward Krzysztof Oliwa were suspended Sunday by the NHL.

    Sutter got two games and Oliwa three for their actions at the end of Saturday night's loss to Nashville. Sutter was suspended for player selection and team conduct in the final 2.5 seconds of the game. Oliwa was suspended for his conduct after being assessed a penalty for physical abuse of officials in the 3-1 loss.

    After the Predators scored an empty-net goal, Sutter sent Oliwa onto the ice and the player tried to fight with several Predators. At one point, a linesman had to stand between Oliwa and an opponent so the puck could be dropped to conclude the game.

    Sutter will be eligible to return Thursday against San Jose. Oliwa can return Saturday against Los Angeles.

    Oliwa will lose $18,292.68 in salary.


    Mr. G

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    So when a coach sends out an A-Team on the PP when the game is already at hand there is a difference?
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      Originally posted by Guppy@Mar 22 2004, 01:33 AM
      So when a coach sends out an A-Team on the PP when the game is already at hand there is a difference?
      Indeed, there is. Not saying it's right for a coach to run the score the up, but you're comparing apples and oranges. Sorry.

      Mr. G


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        Man I don't like this at all. Now the league is detirming who should play and when?

        I agree Sutter sent the cementhead out there to goon it up, but where does the leagues' power end? Will they look at each fight and fine the coaches because they put out the goons? Not good for a crummy league.


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          Originally posted by Mr. Goalie+Mar 22 2004, 01:44 AM-->
          QUOTE (Mr. Goalie @ Mar 22 2004, 01:44 AM)