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  •'s new advertisements on right

    For those DSL, charter users, do you have problems with that annoying sound for the Pontiac commercials that play whenever you log onto their site? I have to scroll right and hit the "stop" button on the advertisement real player to get it turned off. How ridiculous. Really frustrating thing. God, its really been a bad weekend when you complain about things like this?!! <_<

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    Yeah I don't like it either.
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      One of the reason I stop going to their site is due to the fact that it is ad agressive. And being on a dialup at home, their site sucks for the dialup users.
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        The madness continues.

        They now are running highlights AND commercials in that area, plus the highlights in the ESPN motion box on the front page. Its getting annoying!!


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          How about when you click on a link and they give you a FULL SCREEN ad of something you would see on tv?

          And you have to click it two or three times to get it to stop. If you click one too many times, you X out of the link you wanted to read. They know how to get around the pop up blockers.

          I swear, that place is worse than porn sites.

          uhhhhhhhh, at least thats what Gonzo tells me.
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