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More Delays in Athens

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  • More Delays in Athens

    Blazing Sun a Major Concern for Officials

    ATHENS, Greece -- The Greek government called off plans to build a roof over the Olympic swimming pool Saturday because it would not be done in time for the games.

    The cancellation is one of the most serious moves made by planners, who face widespread construction delays but promise most work will be done before the Aug. 13-29 Olympics.

    The roof over the open-air pool was to protect athletes from the scorching summer sun and improve the quality of television coverage.

    "The experts concluded that due to the delays there are no guarantees for the timely construction and delivery of the roof -- a fact that could jeopardize the swimming event," the Olympic organizing committee said in a statement.

    The committee said it would work on "alternative plans" without a roof, which could include rescheduling the swimming events to avoid the midday sun. Summer temperatures in Athens often exceed 100 degrees.

    Deputy culture minister Fani Palli-Petralia said hosting the swimming events "under unsatisfactory conditions" would "shame the country."

    International Olympic Committee spokeswoman Giselle Davies said the decision "while not ideal, is the most sensible and practical solution.'' It was not clear whether the swimming test competition April 14-18 will be rescheduled.

    IOC president Jacques Rogge has given Greece until the end of the month to make firm decisions on the many delayed projects.

    The main Olympic sports complex, which includes the pool, is high on the list of worries. The government has pledged to finish a steel-and-glass roof over the main Olympic stadium by July 20. But that means work will overlap with crucial test events and rehearsals for the opening ceremony.

    Another top concern for the IOC is serious delays to widen the route of the marathon race.

    Talk about a major clusterfuck. I'm sure Hicktown, Arkansas, could be better prepared to host the Olympic games than Athens. I've heard nothing about the quality of the venues or anything; all you hear is how far behind schedule they are.

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      It's been argued, since construction began, that the Greeks were extremely lazy, continually dropping the ball on the whole damn project. :rolleyes:


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        Originally posted by Jack Daniels@Mar 20 2004, 10:49 PM
        It's been argued, since construction began, that the Greeks were extremely lazy, continually dropping the ball on the whole damn project. :rolleyes:
        And there's no evidence to support that claim... :rolleyes:


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          i bet next time the olympics pick a city and not everything is ready the yr before, they'll be on that city's tail. if this isn't finished, someone is gonna have a bitch fit.


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            Originally posted by GloveSaveandaBeauty+Mar 20 2004, 11:03 PM-->
            QUOTE (GloveSaveandaBeauty @ Mar 20 2004, 11:03 PM)