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Bin Laden's surrender is imminent

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  • Bin Laden's surrender is imminent

    As they got older my parents never seemed to tire of ranting about the torture they endured when I practiced playing guitar, first in my bedroom, then in the basement and finally ostrasized to the garage.

    I'm sure my dad went to his grave with bad licks of Louie Louie vibrating in his head.

    It all comes around. 5 kids, ALL of which have tortured me with the beginnings of banging on drums, piano and guitars.

    Just when, at my age, I think it's all behind me............the 'music' never ends. The bride went to her first piano lesson today and it's North Korean torture here tonight trying to relax down here with her pathetic attempts at 'Catch A Falling Star' ringing overhead (bring on the Advil).

    I HATE that bloody song!

    Just broadcast this shit on load speakers on the Afganistan/Pakistan border and Bin Laden will surrender before daybreak.