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Great Column on T.O.

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  • Great Column on T.O.

    Good angle in this column -- how will Owens endure Philly fans?

    Oh, T.O., you don't know what you've done. But you'll find out. How'd that first news conference go? Did any reporters heave their notebooks at you? "Catch these!" Just wait. You haven't fumbled yet. In Philly for a $10 million signing bonus you're allowed to drop one pass during your seven-year contract -- if it's in warmups.

    Philadelphia has coexisted with eccentrics like Steve Carlton and World B. Free. It has made uneasy peace with playboys like Sonny Jurgensen, moody sluggers like Mike Schmidt and controversial stars like Bobby Clarke. But in Philly, where the blue-collar worldview is king and egotists are usually despised, they've never seen anybody like Owens. He can do it all. He feuds with head coaches (Steve Mariucci), screams at offensive coordinators (Greg Knapp), openly berates his own quarterback (Jeff Garcia), lobbies for the backup quarterback to become the starter (Tim Rattay) and accuses his team's management of being "sleazy, vindictive."
    His mind is not for rent, to any god or government.
    Pointless debate is what we do here -- lvr