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Bush's Iraq Getaway

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  • Bush's Iraq Getaway

    A year after the invasion of Iraq, it is increasingly clear that the pre-war “debate” was a stage-managed manipulation of the American people, aided and abetted by a U.S. press corps that was too timid to ask tough questions when it mattered most. Now, with about 560 U.S. soldiers dead along with uncounted thousands of Iraqis, the Bush administration has entered what might be called its “getaway” period.

    The key now for George W. Bush is to manage a political escape from his mugging of a fundamental precept of democracy – an informed electorate – and still win a second term. To achieve that, Bush has employed some tried-and-true tactics, like hand-picking a presidential commission that will report on his use of intelligence after the November elections. But most importantly, he is still trusting that the U.S. news media is incapable of sustaining much scrutiny.

    In that regard, Bush has reason for optimism. Even dramatic disclosures over the past few months have failed to attract or hold the attention of the U.S. press corps.


    Mr. G

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    very good piece and well documented, Mr. G, although it will be savaged by those who prefer the facts to fit their preceonceptions...liked this paragraph at the end...

    For Bush, keeping the facts hidden and his critics off-balance will be crucial for his chances in November. Given the Republican clout in Congress and the superficiality of the U.S. news media, a Bush presidential victory would effectively crush any hope for a timely accounting of the Iraq War and its many unanswered questions.

    I couldn't agree more...

    The Dude abides.