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Massive Baseball Is Out of Left Field

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  • Massive Baseball Is Out of Left Field

    Baseball (search) players know all about a "heavy" ball. It happens when the weather is cold or rainy, and the ball just seems impossible to hit over the fence.

    But they've never seen anything like the 1,300-pound doozy in Mike Carmichael's shed in Alexandria, Ind.
    Carmichael's baseball has grown to staggering proportions because he's spent 27 years adding layers of paint to it in the hopes that the mega-ball will one day break records.

    Carmichael hopes the baseball hanging in the shed behind his house will be declared the world's largest ball of paint — and from the size of it, it looks like that's a distinct possibility. Thanks to more than 18,000 layers of paint, it is more than 35 inches in diameter and has a 111-inch circumference.

    On Saturday, Carmichael watched as a crew took a core sample from the green ball that's needed before it can earn a spot in the Guinness Book of Records.

    In honor of Carmichael's work, Saturday was declared Ball of Paint Day in Alexandria, about 25 miles northeast of Indianapolis. It started with a proclamation honoring Carmichael on the steps of City Hall, followed by a photo exhibit and ended with the core sample taken at Carmichael's home.

    "I am not going to start any more baseballs," Carmichael declared
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