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Watched "Elephant Man" last night . . .

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  • Watched "Elephant Man" last night . . .

    for the first time since it came out a little more than 20 years ago. Good flick.

    About halfway through, I was struck with this stunning epiphany: "Dear God, I identify with the Elephant Man!" My anxiety was relieved a few moments later when I realized that everybody identifies with the Elephant Man.


    A lot of films don't age very well. Even some good ones lose their edge over time. This one, if anything, becomes more relevant the more one sees of life and the world.

    It was also interesting to see Sir Anthony when he was a young swag - 20 years before he re-vitalized his career as Hannibal Lecter. If you've not seen it for awhile, I reccommend it as a warm-up film for your Oscar party.

    And, just to set the record straight, I am NOT an animal! I am not an ANIMAL! I am a HUMAN BEING!
    This game's gotta be played with fear and arrogance - Crash Davis