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Kerry Seeks U.N. Coalition for Ad War on Bush

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  • Kerry Seeks U.N. Coalition for Ad War on Bush

    (2004-03-13) -- Presumptive Democrat presidential nominee John Forbes Kerry today appealed to the United Nations to form a multilateral coalition to combat U.S. President George Bush's most recent campaign ads.

    "I will not retaliate, despite Mr. Bush's attacks, until I can assemble a true, multinational coalition under the leadership of Secretary-General Kofi Annan," said Mr. Kerry. "I have asked French Foreign Minister Dominique de Villepin (who is a man) to introduce a resolution in the Security Council declaring Mr. Bush to be in material breach of his commitment to change the tone in Washington. His TV ads are filled with deception and denial, so I again call for regime change in Washington."

    Mr. Kerry, who is known to be supported by many foreign leaders, said he will put his presidential campaign on hold until the U.N. has inspected the Bush advertising and passed the resolution.

    "You won't see me running a unilateral campaign," he said. "I'm leading America back into the arms of the global community, where we'll be safe again."

    Mr. Annan said the full Security Council should take up debate on the resolution in July, and may be ready to begin inspections of the Bush campaign ads as early as December.
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