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SLU v. Iowa

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  • SLU v. Iowa

    The Billikens, led by coach Brad Soderberg, take on the Hawkeyes from Iowa tomorrow night. Some keys:

    1. SLU has to play in St. Charles rather than at home. So I would count this as a road game for SLU. Tougher to win road games. So if Iowa somehow wins, there is one reason. But Iowa won't win, in part because of the....

    2. Dome of Doom. Yes, that bald pate of our head coach has powers. Magical basketball powers. Hell, he almost looks like a basketball. Which is a plus for SLU. The SLU coach is so intense he's willing to actually look like a basketball to remind his players of what is important. Clearly, from motivational standpoint, the man is brilliant. But he doesn't completely disdain hair, as evidenced by the....

    3. Goatee of Victory. Yes, the facial hair is back, and thicker than ever. Alford's substantial, Snyder-like mop is no match for the Beard That Takes No Prisoners. Plus, Iowa has a player named.....

    4. Pierre. "Nuff said.

    So expect a Billikens victory.
    I'm always right.