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Rummy Caught With His Pants Down

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  • Rummy Caught With His Pants Down

    SCHIEFFER: Well, let me just ask you this. If they did not have these weapons of mass destruction, though, granted all of that is true, why then did they pose an immediate threat to us, to this country?

    Sec. RUMSFELD: Well, you're the--you and a few other critics are the only people I've heard use the phrase `immediate threat.' I didn't. The president didn't. And it's become kind of folklore that that's--that's what's happened. The president went...

    SCHIEFFER: You're saying that nobody in the administration said that.

    Sec. RUMSFELD: I--I can't speak for nobody--everybody in the administration and say nobody said that.

    SCHIEFFER: Vice president didn't say that? The...

    Sec. RUMSFELD: Not--if--if you have any citations, I'd like to see 'em.

    Mr. FRIEDMAN: We have one here. It says `some have argued that the nu'--this is you speaking--`that the nuclear threat from Iraq is not imminent, that Saddam is at least five to seven years away from having nuclear weapons. I would not be so certain.'

    Sec. RUMSFELD: And--and...

    Mr. FRIEDMAN: It was close to imminent.

    Sec. RUMSFELD: Well, I've--I've tried to be precise, and I've tried to be accurate. I'm s--suppose I've...

    Mr. FRIEDMAN: `No terrorist state poses a greater or more immediate threat to the security of our people and the stability of the world and the regime of Saddam Hussein in Iraq.'

    Sec. RUMSFELD: Mm-hmm. It--my view of--of the situation was that he--he had--we--we believe, the best intelligence that we had and other countries had and that--that we believed and we still do not know--we will know. David Kay said we're about 85 percent there. I don't know if that's the right percentage. But the Iraqi Survey Group--we've got 1,200 people out there looking. It's a country the size of California. He could have hidden his--enough chemical or biol--enough biological weapons in the hole that--that we found Saddam Hussein in to kill tens of thousands of people. So--so it's not as though we have certainty today. But what--think what happened. There were 17 UN resolutions. There was unanimous
    agreement that he had filed a fraudulent declaration. The final opportunity was given with the last resolution, and he didn't take it. He chose war. He didn't do what Kazakhstan did. He didn't do what South Africa did. He didn't do what Ukraine did. He--he didn't say, `Come in and look and see what we have.' He was engaged in active deception. We'll ultimately know a great deal about what took place.


    Mr. G

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    I was watching that interview and laughing my ass off, and then I realized how terrible Rummy and his crew make our country look, and I went back to being angry.
    2005 Mandatory Loyalty Oath: I love America, our troops, baseball, Moms, and certain pies. I want no harm to come to any of those institutions, nor do I take any glee in their demise.


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      Still trying to deny the hype...pathetic.

      The Dude abides.


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        They are spinning so much, they are starting to get dizzy.

        What an embarrasment to the world those guys are.

        Sounds like we need to re-elect them.
        “I’ve always stated, ‘I’m a Missouri Tiger,’” Anderson said March 13 after Arkansas fired John Pelphrey, adding, “I’m excited about what’s taking place here.”

        Asked then if he would talk to his players about the situation, he said, “They know me, and that’s where the trust comes in.


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          Isn't this the point where someone chimes in and tells you all that this was not about the imminent threat from WMDs and that if you had been paying attention for the last ten years, you would understand why we invaded?

          I'm not the person to do that mind you, I'm just asking.