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Wrestlemania 20

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  • Wrestlemania 20

    it was a good show.

    the only note that may interest some of you....
    during Brock Lesnar's match, the entire crowd chanted "you sold out" (in reference to him leaving WWE to pursue a career in the NFL). then they chanted "na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye!"

    weird how everyone in the building knew about it.

    come on kev, i'm sure you saw it. comments? I was ecstatic to see the Undertaker go back to his old self
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    seeing that chick get tied down and have her head shaved bald was pretty cool...
    . . . and to tell you this: I work with gays, have friends who are gay, go to church with gays. Most of them are aware that I believe that homosexual behavior is sin. Some of them actually agree. Most don't. It's OK . . . because they also know or at least have been made aware of my multitude of sins: adulterous heart, lustful and covetous behavior, wicked pride, angry spirit . . . do I need to go on?
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      I didn't see it. However, a friend of mine taped it, si I'll get to view it this week.
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        I stopped watching wrasslin' when the British Bulldog, Macho Man, Junkyard Dog, and other 80's motley characters decided to roll over.

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          The Sports' Guy's thoughts...

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